VIDEO: Try This MINI Abstract Faces Challenge!

Are you ready for a really challenging art challenge for your mini abstracts this week? I hope so, because this week we are going to make mini abstract faces! Don't worry I have some very simple steps to get you started and once you do start, well it is a little addictive, making abstract faces, so you will soon have a whole…


VIDEO: Easy Mini Abstract Painting Exercise

If your managed to catch my Life Book 2020 Summit interview and activity, or you have been following me for a while, then you will know that I have a few different art practices that I try to keep doing regularly. On Life Book I shared my Daily Doodle Diary with some exercises and tips to get you started on yours. Today I…


VIDEO: Unintentional Art – Mixed Media Art Journal Page

  Ok, so this is an odd one. I had started my day full of those noble intentions, you know the type of thing? I had plans, deadlines and things to get done and look what happened instead! Some unintentional art! I don't know how else really to describe it, everything about this page is unintentional. But you will hear all about my…


VIDEO: Mixed Media Art Journaling – Leftover Paint

  I'm art journaling again today and sharing some news in my video too! This page is made up of leftover paint, so if you are looking for some ideas for using up your leftover paint and how to get those leftover paint art journaling pages finished then try this one! And whilst you watch this art journaling video have a think…

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