VIDEO: Saving Messy Art PLUS DIY Sticky Masks

I love messy art! I think it is totally part of the process and has so many important uses for us as artists. But I also know that messy art can be frustrating sometimes and we might end up feeling that we have gone too far and need to ditch the art or recycle it.  If you have gone through this too…


VIDEO: More Gel Printing Ideas – Reuse Masking Film!

Gel printing cards again this week and sticking with that double-sided card idea, if you missed it check last week's post for the first card in this series. This week I found a couple of faces in the gel print design! So had to try and bring them out! But faces aren't the only thing I thought I would try out this…


VIDEO: How To Make Small Scale Abstract Art For Cards – Part 3

  It is here! My final project in my Small Scale Abstract Art series and this is a project that I have been calling either 'purple' or 'swirl' depending on what mood I am in! If you have missed the other two projects in this series then don't forget to also watch the floral video and the ballpoint pen circles video to…


VIDEO: How To Use Your Acrylic Skin Shape – Gel Print Card

  If you saw my Wednesday Art video this week then you will know that I promised you a project idea for your acrylic skin shapes! Have you made one yet? Or is that today's project? Well, if you have made your acrylic skin shape or you are about to make it then here is a project idea for using it and…


VIDEO: 5 Ways With Embossing Folders

  Looking for some ways to get the most out of your embossing folders? Try this video! I have 5 Ways With Embossing Folders for you today. It's short but sweet and packed with different techniques for using your embossing folders. All the techniques can be adapted to use in your next card making, art journaling, mixed media or painting project. So…


VIDEO: How to Gel Print On Cards

  I've got my gel plate out again and I'm sharing a simple gel print technique for printing directly on card blanks so if you are looking for a gorgeous, professional looking printed card blank then try this! I am quite enjoying the weathered wallpaper look that I've been getting using a Damask-style stencil with my gel print but this techniques works…

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