Hi! My name is Kim Dellow,

As an art explorer and experimenter, I find that creativity and curiosity are key to everything I do. For me, art is all about play, regular practice, constant learning and growing. And continuing to learn and grow is my driving force that makes me super excited! Exploring expression and how to work with your materials to tell your story is core to my current work.

As a self-taught, mixed-media artist, I have a mix of both an intuitive and pragmatic approach to my art. I am an artist and a scientist, and both of these parts of me like to jump in and follow my heart but they also like to work out why something works, or doesn’t work, and what makes good art for me. Because listening to yourself and discovering who you are and what your art process is, is all part of being an artist too.

I started my journey into arting as a profession with card making.

At the end of 2008 I won The Papercraft Essentials Papercrafter of the Year competition and have been lucky enough to have more publications than I can count, from 2009 to 2020, in the main titles for Practical Publishing, Aceville, Traplet Publications (unfortunately no longer with us), and I was also published in Cloth Paper Scissors, Interweave. I have also worked for a number of craft and art manufacturers and retailers such as Creative Expressions, Kuretake UK, and Fiskars.

Over the years I have developed my work more and more, and I love to help others to bring out their creative selves, so I currently run a monthly art club on Patreon where we can discover our art together. I also have some stand-alone workshops which you can find in my Etsy shop here, as well being asked to work on collaborative courses with a number of artist/companies. Currently, you can find me contributing to , and , and I have also worked on the Life Book 2020, 2021, Kaleidoscope 2021, 2022, Creative Jumpstart 2022 and the Mixed Media Art Summit 2022.

I am also actively licensing my art and you can find my latest designs turned into craft products with the lovely Funky Fossil.

You can get in touch with me if you would like to work with me or would like to know more. You can find me here: kim(at)kimdellow.com

Happy arting!