September 2022 Art Club

Creative Exercises to Improve Your Art

It’s September and I have lots of art goodies coming up for you this month including some fun exercises to get you creating over in Art Club. So let’s have a peek!

Oh and stick to the end for some special end of season ART CLASS DEALS!

Journal Club

Pink and grey blue acrylic paint being scrapped on paper with a palette knife

September will see us picking colours and trying them out in both journal club and also in Studio Club too.

So get ready for some experimenting and playing based around your colour choices this month. We will be building a page looking at using colour contrasts to add texture and interest and building a page to make the most of a focal image.

I have used acrylic paint, pencils and acrylic ink, oh and I tiny touch of collage too! So grab your art things and let’s explore our colours!

In The Studio

two piece in progress next to each other both using swirl doodles drawn in pencil.

Of course colour will play a big role here too and our second In The Studio video this month takes the colours we picked out for Journal Club and explores them further. I have two exercise for you based around colour and shape that will get you exploring how you use colour in your abstracts to create interest in your compositions.

But first, before that, I have a creative exercise to get you playing with your acrylics and using them to get more watercolour-like effects.

We will also be playing with our drawing too to create a loose and stylistic floral. So I hope you will have a lot of fun with that.

Purple paint being added to paper with a large flat brush

And this month’s Digi-Delightfuls pack is themed!

Thanks to your help last month, with voting for a colourway inspiration, we have a marine-themed art pack to play with coming up in September.

What started with me just looking for some help picking colours turned into an actual theme that I used to create the whole pack.
So we have waves and splashes and lots of sea-creatures to play with in September!

Three pages of images with sea-inspired doodles and colours and sea creatures with the wording 'September 2022 Digi-Delightfuls'

I can’t wait to splash around in the September art sea in Art Club with you!

Have fun arting.


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