August 2022 Art Club – Abstract Doodle Play

Peek at Kim Dellow's August 2022 Art Club with a list of everything going on this month

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Welcome to August 2022 Art Club! I can’t wait to art with you this month over in my art club! So what will we be up to? Well, August is taking on a very doodly theme.

Get your favourite doodling tools as we are going to explore some different abstract doodling and drawing ideas and get playing with lots of marks and colours.

Let me give you a peek of the projects coming up this month:

Journal Clubbies

Last month all the Journal Clubbies voted on our August theme and abstract won.

Work in progress peek from Kim Dellow's August 2022 Art Club for journal club with a page of doodles in dark blue, bright pink, apricot, black and white.

So not only are we going to get our abstract on, we are also going to get doodly with it too!

Get ready to build a page with layers of marks, doodles and colour this month, finished off with a super simple, but still abstract, focal image.

We are also going to build some collage papers too.

In The Studio

We are carring on with the abstract and doodle theme from Journal Club and keep on playing with our drawing ideas from July too.

Work in progress peek from Kim Dellow's August 2022 Art Club for her in the studio porjects, with a page of doodles in in red and yellow and an outline of a stork in blue

With our first ‘In The Studio’ project this month we will be matching bold doodles with mixed media drawing and exploring using colour and how different materials layer whilst we play.

Then we have another project, later in the month, taking the papers we made in Journal Club and seeing what else we can do with them.

Work in progress peek from Kim Dellow's August 2022 Art Club for her in the studio projects, with random collage pages of blues, pinks and black

And you might even be able to spot where this months Digi-Delightfuls download comes from too!

I’ve picked a very specific colour scheme again this month for the download.

Once again I was inspired by the colour wheel and I have gone with a primary colours theme for August, with a page each of magenta and cyan doodles and then a page of yellow backgrounds.

Digi-delightfuls download peek from Kim Dellow's August 2022 Art Club

I can’t wait to see what you do with it this month.

So do come and join me over in art club, you can see we have lots to play with and keep you arting through out August!

And of course also started todays! So if you want to explore your colours in great depth. And work with several different artists, seeing their approaches to using colour, then don’t forget join us on !

Enjoy your arting!

Kaleidoscope 2022 teacher picture

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