October 2023 Art Club

Coming up In October 2023 Art Club

It’s time to take a peek at our October Art Club projects. But before we jump into the previews, as I mentioned before, I am in the process of reorganising art club to go with the new ways Patreon has been changing. And I am super excited to say that I will be opening up the weekly motivation / catch up post to my whole art club community on Patreon! So if you have joined the community then you will get sent them to your email (if you have email turned on) or you can access them each week on my Patreon Art Club feed.
Each week expect to see more prompts to help you to focus your art in the week too. This was one of the top requests in the recent poll I ran, so thank you for the feedback. I have some more new things planned that I will be rolling out steadily as we go, so keep your eyes out for those. Meanwhile, let’s peek at the October 2023 Art Club!

Journal Club

This month journal club is a great opportunity to explore how you can add texture and interest in your collage work using layers. So gather together you collage papers, notebook papers, ephemera, if you have access to the downloads they are perfect for this kind of project. And let’s see how to build out a piece with collage layers.
The Journal Club project will be out the first week in October and is available the Journal Clubbies, all three Studio Clubbies tiers and the Video-Fanatics Founder members.

In The Studio

In The Studio this month you will get to play with your floral ideas and particularly using colour to make some striking foliage pieces.
Sometimes florals don’t need to be just about big booms do they?! And this month you will be exploring how to use your foliage to add to your piece in two different projects, again using layering but with very different effect.

The Studio is open for all three Studio Clubbies tiers and the Video-Fanatic Founder member tier. The first ‘In The Studio’ project will be out the second week in October then the second project in the third week.

October 2023 Art Download

The October 2023 Digi-Delightfuls download for you to print at home will be up in the first week, as usual, for the Studio, Studio PLUS Clubbies, Video-Fanatics founder members and Digi-Delightfuls founder members. This month there is a mix of words, birds and florals to play with and I will be back in the last week of October with an inspiration project using the download.

Then don’t forget that we will have our Artist To Explore around the middle of month and we will of course be kicking off the month with my regular chatty video to welcome you to the new month in art club and get us arting together too!

New To My Art Club? These Are The Tiers:

JOURNAL CLUBBIES: You are looking for a monthly process to fill your art journal or sketchbook over time. And you also get all of the Journal Clubbies videos going back to June 2022.

STUDIO LITE CLUBBIES: If you want the Journal Clubbies videos and ‘In The Studio’ videos but don’t want the download or download inspiration video. You also get all of the process videos going back to January 2022.

STUDIO CLUBBIES: If you want the Journal Clubbies video and ‘In The Studio’ videos AND a monthly art download to play with PLUS the inspiration video for using your download. And you also get all of the process and download videos going back to January 2022.

STUDIO PLUS CLUBBIES: If you want it ALL! Get all the new content each month, just as with the Studio Clubbies tier but with ALL of the back catalogue of content too! That is all of the monthly art downloads since Sept 2019, all of the art videos and exercises since June 2018! It will definitely keep you arting and playing!

FREE CLUBBIES: If you want to keep up-to-date with all the goings on in Art Club, with weekly prompts to help you with your arting, but aren’t ready or able to pay yet, for whatever reason! You can still join my art community on Patreon! There is a tip jar if you did want to send me something on a more ad hoc bases. You can find that in my shop.

And don’t forget you can change tiers, pause or cancel at any time. You can also join the community as a free member to regularly get your art prompts and updates each week!

Yay for October! I am looking forward to art exploring with you this month!

Happy Arting,


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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