December 2021 Patreon Art Club

December 2021 Patreon Art Club

Coming Up In December 2021 Patreon Art Club

Welcome to December! It’s a new month and new art coming up in my Patreon PLUS a surprise (well not so surprise!) live session. Yep! I am inviting all my Patrons to join me in some Zoom art, the date is being decided now, so if you would like to pick the date best for you !

This month I have a super colourful Digi-Delighfuls download art pack for you.

December 2021 Digi-Delightfuls from Kim Dellow

Then Video-Fanatics we have three different videos, two full long process videos to get stuck into and explore your art with and a quick video about quick makes, perfect for a hit of art in a busy time or as a warm up if you are getting ready for a longer session.

I hope that you have a lot of fun with those!

The whole schedule for my December Patreon is up for everyone to see so pop on over to to find out more about our December arting!

December 2021 Patreon Art Club

Whilst you are here, if you are looking to sort out your art courses for 2022 then I have some suggestions that might help! As you know I am teaching, and an affiliate, for three great collaborative courses coming up in 2022. I am super excited to be part of all of them and they are all full of amazing people and art that will really help you to get your 2022 art going and keep you improving, experimenting and learning.

I’ve put each one below so you can go find out more and join in! They all have Early Bird sales prices at the moment so you can also get them for a bargain, but not all of the early bird sales are lasting long so hurry if you want them!

Get the art year started with ! Five weeks of daily inspiration in digestible chunks to help you to art regularly starting Jan 1st.

Special price $55USD until Friday, Dec 3, 11:59PM EST 2021.
(After that it will go up to $69USD until Dec 31, 11:59PM EST then it will be at it’s regular price $79USD from Jan 1 2022.) [AFFILIATE LINK]

Want a year of creating mixed media art with a range of amazing teachers? Then join and be inspired all year! Use the Early Bird code: ARTJOY30 for 30% off. [AFFILIATE LINK]

Join us to celebrate art in February 2022 with the . Lots of mixed media fun throughout February. Try new ideas and play with new techniques and keep on arting! Special price $129USD until Friday, Dec 3 2021.

Lot’s to keep you arting coming up and I hope you will join us for one, two or all of these courses!

Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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