April 2022 Patreon Art Club

Summary of Kim Dellow's April 2022 Patreon Art Club

Coming Up In April’s Patreon Art Club

Welcome to my April’s Patreon Art Club heads-up! I have lots of art for you this month as well as some great charity art bundles coming your way where you get to learn lots of great art whilst helping the artists and raising money for charity too!

So here is what is happening over on Patreon and don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter so that you don’t miss any of the art workshops deals coming up this month! Yay!


Work in progress of an abstract from Kim Dellow's April 2022 Patreon Art Club

Join my April Patreon Art Club if you want to explore your abstracts and florals! So first I have a two part series where we get into an abstract art flow. Part one is about starting and part two is about finishing your abstracts and I go through my process at the moment for both.

Then we will spend some time this month playing with floral studies and increasing our hand eye coordination and our observation skills.

Digi-Delightfuls and Video-Fanatics

Peek at Kim Dellow's April 2022 Patreon Art Club download

Then for our April 2022 Patreon Art Club download I have some doodles and lots of colour for you to play with and of course the inspiration project too, which I have just finished and can not wait to share with you.

If you want to know more, the full schedule for my April 2022 Patreon Art Club is up as a public post on my Patreon so go check that out!

Thanks for arting with me in March and I can’t wait to art with you this month too!


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