October 2021 Patreon Art Club

Kim Dellow's October 2021 Patreon Art Club

What’s Coming Up In The Patreon Art Club!

Get ready for my Patreon Art Club! It is a new month so lots of new art coming up! And of course a new art pack to download and play with in your projects.

Kim Dellow's October 2021 Patreon Art Club

Digi-Delightfuls And Video-Fanatics

This month I’m revisiting muted colours in our Digi-Delightfuls art pack download. I do love muted colours from time to time, don’t you? I think they can set an almost peaceful mood. So we have three pages in the pack with some backgrounds and textures but also some flowers and a couple of leaf sprigs. This month we also have an artichoke which you could fill in with colour or leave as it is. Artichokes make for such interesting ‘blooms’ don’t they?! You could use it to add a botanical feel to a piece in the background or maybe make it a full focal image on your art journal page.

Also in this month’s pack I’ve included a blue goose! It was actually a goose I made using solar printing and you can see how if you are on the . And I just love the texture on it.

I will be back at the end of the month with a video to help you use your packs!

Kim Dellow's October 2021 Patreon Art Club


I have mix of art coming up in my October 2021 Patreon Art Club for you Video-Fanatics. Keep your eye out for florals and even a colourful giraffe coming your way this month, with reference photos you can use to create your own art from.

We are going to play with pens, paint and pencils this month and see what we can get from it. So mixing it up and playing whilst also relaxing and not worrying about outcomes is the aim of this month’s art sessions.

Kim Dellow's October 2021 Patreon Art Club

Kim Dellow's October 2021 Patreon Art Club

Let’s see what we can do and how we can make our materials work, even when they maybe don’t want to work together like acrylic paint and pencils for example. I like to throw away the rule book and see what effects we can make our own way.

You can find out more, and join in, when you pop on over to my .

I look forward to arting with you in October!


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