Coming Up In August 2023 Art Club

Thank you for another amazing arty month of playing! I hope you had fun with the July Art Club and are ready to get stuck into August with me over on Patreon where I host my Art Club. This month we are going to do a little bit of getting more out of our comfort zones, because that is where the magic happens!

So here is a round up of August 2023 Art Club starting with Journal Club.

Journal Club

In August Journal club we will be using one of the July weekly art prompts, along with inspiration from the July Artist to Explore, and dipping our toes into colour and geometric shapes, as we explore some practice plays with our composition.

Make some abstracts and fill your pages with ideas to use and develop further as we think about different ways we can use colourful shapes to create.

Studio Clubbies

In The Studio

Make time for more colour play this month and exploring traditional gouache paint In The Studio. We start this journey off with some swatching and colour combining to find colours to work with that we aren’t finding so inspiring!

I know! A bit odd, but let’s look at the process from a tougher starting place because if you can still create from there, then you can create from anywhere!

Then we are going to play some more with colour and this time change up our surface format to a Zig-Zag, or concertina, style sketchbook.

Sometimes it is just good to change up the way you look at your work and changing the format of the surface is a good way to shake things up and push yourself a little.

August 2023 Art Download (Studio, Studio PLUS Clubbies)

Then coming up in this month’s download there are some animal and florals to play with and some different styles to have fun with in your collage work. And I will be back nearer the end of the month with a project idea, using the download, to help you play some more.

But the very first thing we will be doing is kicking the August 2023 art club off with my monthly Welcome video for all art clubbies. And this month’s we will be layering up gouache and playing with shapes and negative space.

New To Art Club? These Are The Tiers:

JOURNAL CLUBBIES: You are looking for a monthly process to fill your art journal or sketchbook over time. And you also get all of the Journal Clubbies videos going back to June 2022.

STUDIO LITE CLUBBIES: If you want the Journal Clubbies videos and ‘In The Studio’ videos but don’t want the download or download inspiration video. You also get all of the process videos going back to January 2022.

STUDIO CLUBBIES: If you want the Journal Clubbies video and ‘In The Studio’ videos AND a monthly art download to play with PLUS the inspiration video for using your download. And you also get all of the process and download videos going back to January 2022.

STUDIO PLUS CLUBBIES: If you want it ALL! Get all the new content each month, just as with the Studio Clubbies tier but with ALL of the back catalogue of content too! That is all of the monthly art downloads since Sept 2019, all of the art videos and exercises since June 2018! It will definitely keep you arting and playing!

And don’t forget you can change tiers, pause or cancel at any time.

So lot’s to keep you arting and playing and exploring your art and your process. I am looking forward to arting with you this month!

See you in art club,


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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