Coming Up In April 2024 Art Club

Coming Up In March 2024 Art Club

Hey Amazing Artist,

April is here and I wanted to give you a peek at what projects and themes we will be focusing on in Art Club this month. From filling your pages with colour-led ideas, to adding to your focal image catalogue and playing with your collage composition I hope that April Art Club will get you creating and exploring!

As usual we will get the creating all kicked off today, 1st of April, with some fooling around in our sketchbooks and journals! Tee Hee!


Journal Club

Then onto Journal Club for April and this month we will fill out some pages with colour. It’s all about letting yourself loose with a specific colour combination and seeing how you can use your chosen colours to their best.

So you might want to look around for a combo you want to use or you can always look through the colourway suggestions from the Monday Motivation posts if you need some more inspiration.


In The Studio

It is time for another focal image focus and this month it’s chickens! Chickens are fun to draw, there are lots of curves and beautiful feather textures and then they are full of character too. So let’s add to your focal image catalogue and at the same time practice how you like to express with your favourite mark making tools. Even if chickens don’t make it onto any of your projects this kind of practice adds to your confidence and skills for your favourite focal image subjects. And I will take you through from first sketches to improving your sketching as you go.

Then, later in the month, we will be revisiting small format collage to play with composition. I love using collage to play with composition ideas, it is an easy way to play freely and find the compositions that intrigue you, all the time building your confidence as you go. In this creative exercise you will get to explore your composition skills organically and intuitively and I have tips on reinforcing the things that you learn through play.


April 2024 Art Pack Download

This month’s download for Studio Clubbies, Studio PLUS Clubbies and the two founder members tiers shares some of the focal images that we will be playing with this month, we have chickens, a stylised badger, the mini collages and all in a red iron oxide, orange, bright green and teal colourway. So lots of things to collage with and I hope you have fun paying. I will be back at the end of the month with project ideas too.

New To My Art Club? These Are The Tiers:

JOURNAL CLUBBIES: If you want a monthly process to fill your art journal or sketchbook over time. And you also get all of the Journal Clubbies videos going back to June 2022. Join here.

STUDIO LITE CLUBBIES: If you want the Journal Clubbies videos and ‘In The Studio’ videos but don’t want the download or download inspiration video. You also get all of the process videos going back to January 2022. Join here.

STUDIO CLUBBIES: If you want the Journal Clubbies video and ‘In The Studio’ videos AND a monthly art download to play with PLUS the inspiration video for using your download. And you also get all of the process and download videos going back to January 2022. Join here.

STUDIO PLUS CLUBBIES: If you want it ALL! Get all the new content each month, just as with the Studio Clubbies tier but with ALL of the back catalogue of content too! That is all of the monthly art downloads since Sept 2019, all of the art videos and exercises since June 2018! It will definitely keep you arting and playing! Join here.

FREE CLUBBIES: If you want to keep up-to-date with all the goings on in Art Club, with weekly prompts to help you with your arting, but aren’t ready or able to pay yet, for whatever reason! You can still join my art community here. There is a tip jar if you did want to send me something on a more ad hoc bases and you can find that in my shop.

And don’t forget you can change tiers, pause or cancel at any time.

I am looking forward to exploring colours, composition and chickens with you in the April Art Club!

Happy Arting,


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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