Art For Earth 2022 Art Resources Bundle

Yay! Time to make art AND help the Earth at the same time! The Art For Earth 2022 art resources bundle !

This year there are 85+ amazing art resources in the art resources bundle, which includes workshops, courses, downloads, workbooks and other art resources too. All from lots of well-loved artist/ teachers from our mixed media community.

You can see the full list below. All of these amazing resources are valued together at £2900+ (approx $4000) but you can get your hands on them for £85 (approx $112)!

It helps you to improve your art skills and learn from some amazing people, it helps the artists find new audiences and earn money through affiliates AND it helps us all to give something back to the Earth, to do something positive towards mitigating against the effects of climate change as 25% of the sales go to TreeSisters.

Over the last two years Willowing Arts has raised over £45,000 (approx $60,000 USD) through , which I think is amazing!


So, if you don’t know them, TreeSisters it is a worldwide network of women working to promote tropical reforestation.

The charitable organisation focuses on female-led, ethical community projects that are about supporting nature and communities and they have planted over 22 million trees across 12 locations with the aim to encourage restorative culture and mitigate against climate change.

Let’s help them to plant even more trees!

There are so many great courses and resources in this year’s bundle. Each year new things are on offer including ones that aren’t even available yet outside of this bundle, like my NEW workshop ‘Inspired by Nature: Stones’.

I wanted to offer it through the Art For Earth 2022 art resources bundle first, so if you are looking for some free-forming play with colour and line, all inspired by stones, then ! And look at all the other amazing art classes and resources on offer for such a low price too!

You can buy your 2022 art resources bundle of art goodies (and so get instant access to my new course too) here:

But be quick as it is only on sale this week until 10th April 2022.
Happy arting!

What’s In Art For Earth 2022:
1 . *NEW* Class: “Portrait of a Cow in Watercolour” with Tamara Laporte
2. *NEW* Class: “Portrait of an Elephant in Watercolour” with Tamara Laporte
3. *NEW* Class: “Portrait of a Bear in Watercolour” with Tamara Laporte
4. Class: “Blue Cat + Yellow Girl Cat Mixed Media Art Journaling” with Eulalia Mejia
5. Class: “The Story Within” with France Papillon
6. Twelve 2hr Classes: “The 24 Hour Paint Jam with Whitney Freya & Guests” with Whitney Freya
7. Class: “Kindred Spirits Rabbit” with Ida Andersen Lang
8. Class: “Crimson Whisperings” with Saskia van Drunen
9. *NEW* Class: “Watercolour Raccoon” with Tamara Laporte
10. Class: “Luscious Layered Landscapes” with Faith Evans-Sills
11. Class: “Lovely Loose Flowers in Watercolor” with Angela Fehr
12. *NEW* Class: “Tree of Hope & Healing Therapeutic” with Kassi Martin
13. Class: “Fancy Lassies” with Kate Thompson
14. *NEW* Class: “Inspired By Nature: Stones” with Kim Dellow
15. *NEW* Class: “Among the Trees” with Toni Burt
16. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series — Ballpoint Sparrow” with Joan Martin
17. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series — Brush Pen Sparrow” with Joan Martin
18. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series — China Marker Sparrow” with Joan Martin
19. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series — Charcoal Sparrow” with Joan Martin
20. Class: “Sketching Sparrows series — Acrylic Medium Transfer” with Joan Martin
21. Downloadable Collage Papers: “Set of 7 Handmade Abstract Textures” from Eulalia Mejia
22. Class: “Butterfly Dream Portrait, Mixed Media” with Olga Furman
23. Class: “Watercolor & Ink” with Deanna Strachan-Wilson
24. High Res Downloadable of Original Watercolor: “Girl Named Fulden” by Deanna Strachan-Wilson
25. Class: “Coptic Bound Journal” with Amy Maricle
26. *NEW* Class: “The Joy of Stenciling Workshop” with Carolyn Dube
27. *NEW* Class: “Sunrise: Expressive Portrait Lesson” with Melanie Rivers
28. *NEW* Class: “Impressions – The Creative Process” with Sabra Awlad Issa
29. Class: “Soul Bird: The Voice of the Soul and the Wisdom of the Body Intentional Creativity” with Shiloh Sophia
30. Workbook Class: “How to Sell $10k Original Art on Instagram Course” with Cory Huff
31. *NEW* Class: “As Rare as a Unicorn” with Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson
32. Class: “Acrylic Portraits It’s Just Paint” with Kara Bullock
33. Class: “Your Magical Creative Awareness” with Whitney Freya
34. Downloadable Collage Papers: “Set of 10 Handmade Marbleized Papers” from Eulalia Mejia
35. High Resolution Digital Downloadable of Original: “Sacred & Personal Painting Practice” by Whitney
36. *NEW* Class: “Improv Prayer Flags” with Mary Beth Shaw
37. *NEW* Class: “Textile & Recycled Materials Art Bowl” with Veronika Olivier
38. 14 Classes: “Fairy Tale Bundle Tam Edition” with Tamara Laporte, including: Class: The Little Mermaid,
39. Class: ‘How to make a Cute Bear” with Tamara Laporte
40. Class: “Goldilocks & The Three Bears with Tamara Laporte
41. Class: “Snow White & The Queen” with Tamara Laporte
42. Class: “Malifecent in Limited Supplies” with Tamara Laporte
43. Class: “Alice in Wonderland” with Tamara Laporte
44. Class: “The Making of Tinker Bell” with Tamara Laporte
45. Class: “Snow White in the Forest” with Tamara Laporte
46. Class: “Belle” with Tamara Laporte
47. Class: “Pete’s Dragon” with Tamara Laporte
48. *NEW* Downloadable Face Patterns: “Two Traceable Face Pattern downloads” from Veronika Olivier
49. *NEW* Downloadable Art Work Print: “Wonderful Dreams” by Veronika Olivier
50. *NEW* Course (5 lessons): “Sacred Guardians: 3D Sculptures for Protection & Support” with Aunia Kahn
51. Class: “Trust the Journey” with Tamara Laporte
52. *NEW* Class: “Authentication Ongoing Card Tutorial” with France Papillon
53. Class: “Perspective” with France Papillon
54. Downloadable Wallpaper: “Downloadable wall paper in 4 formats” from France Papillon
55. Class: “A sampler of the three-module course, Circle Celebration” with Dar James
56. Downloadable Art Work Print: “Begin Again” by Dar James
57. Exclusive Discount Code for ALL Circle Celebration Modules with Dar James
58. PDF e-book guide: “Get Unstuck guide for Creatives” from Dar James
59. *NEW* Class: “Story Art with Photos Digital Photo Editing and Mixed Media” with Veronika Olivier
60. Class: “Flower Girl” with Effy Wild
61. Class: “One BADASS Art Journal 2016” with Tiare Smith
62. Class: “Create your own Washi Tape” with Birgit Koopsen
63. *NEW* Downloadable Collage Papers: “15 collage Sheets” from Birgit Koopsen
64. Downloadable Art Work Print: “You can’t have a Rainbow Without a Little Rain” with Birgit Koopsen
65. Class: “Fun with Napkins” with Donna Munro
66. Class: “Nature Nymph” with Tamara Laporte
67. *NEW* A bundle of three classes: “Daily Painting Process Tutorials” with Meg Yates
68. *NEW* Class: “The Elements” with Kristy Kensinger
69. Full Course: “Fantastic Faces: Letting Your Creative Style Emerge” with Christa Forrest
70. *NEW* Class: “Retreat into Colour” with Denise Daffara
71. *NEW* Class: “Black and White Butterfly Acrylic Painting” with Angela Anderson
72. *NEW* Colouring Pages: “Butterfly Coloring Book” from Angela Anderson
73. *NEW* Class: “Blowing Bubbles” with Mikell Duncan
74. *NEW* Course (2 lessons): “A Place Called Home” with Aunia Kahn
75. *NEW* Class: “Pixel Princess Plant Painting Pack Procreate Lesson & Brushes” with Lisa Filion
76. Class: “Stitch with Love Mixed Media Embroidery” with Hanna Andersson
77. Class: “Painting Poppies Glass” with Jennifer Bonneteau
78. Class: “The Tree that Holds You” with Tamara Laporte
79. eBook: “7 Unbelievably Easy Stenciling Techniques” with Martice Smith
80. *NEW* Class: “Art of Renewal” with Shay Michelle
81. *NEW* eBook: “THE FORGIVENESS PROJECT” from Melody Ross
82. Class: “The Wisdom that Creates the Dream” with Melody Ross
83. Class: “Affirmation Cards” with Dina Wakley
84. Class: “Unraveling the Tangle” with Dina Wakley
85. Class: “A Layered Page Online” with Dina Wakley
86. Class: “A Healing Journal Page” with Dina Wakley
87. 11 Days of INITIATIONS: “Soul Success Initiations” with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
88. Class: Paint it Out RAINBOWS with Mati Rose McDonough
89. Creative Explorer Lessons Package by Andrea Gomoll which includes: 10 video tutorials, 12 downloadable printables and 1 desktop wallpaper.

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