VIDEO: Simple Mixed Media Flower Canvas

I am trying to recharge and refresh some old canvases and this week I thought I would 'save' this mini canvas with a simple mixed media flower. It is very abstract but fun to do. Now I start with a yellow underpainting and you will see why in the video! So enjoy watching the process and having a play yourself on one…


VIDEO: Layering Acrylics Like Watercolors

We all love layering acrylics, don't we? And I have been doing lots of layering recently with my Keep On Layering Exercises over the last couple of weeks but how about using the other thing I love to do? Using acrylic paint like it is a watercolor  and layering like that?  It is definitely more challenging but just as fun and I'm sharing…


VIDEO: How To Start A Page From The Focal Image

Today I thought we could have a play with the whole art journal or mixed media project making process and turn it on it's head! Reverse it! Make the page backwards! Ok, so what I really mean is let's just start with the focal image and see how we can make the art from there. What steps will we need to do…


VIDEO: Layer With Me Step By Step

Welcome to your 'Layer With Me' video and it is here as a big thank you to you for getting me to 10K subs on YouTube. You voted for it and it is finally here! So I hope you enjoy it. Remember to watch it through, then bookmark the video to work through the layers at your own speed, pausing when you…


VIDEO: Paper Doodles – Part 2

How have you been getting on with your paper doodles? Do you remember last week I showed you how to do the Paper Doodles technique. Well, I hope you have been having fun with them! So I am back today with another paper doodle to give you some more inspiration. Don't forget to watch the original video that shows you how to…


VIDEO: Making An Acrylic Paint And Pastel Doodle Painting

  I thought I would break out the soft pastels for today's pastel doodle project. Do you use them? They aren't the first coloring material that I usually reach for but I thought it would be fun play with them and see what I could do. I am using them with acrylic paint so I have some tips on how to use…


VIDEO: Bright Mixed Media Art

  I felt like do something super bright to cheer us all up! I have been a little under the weather recently and so something bright and bold was definitely called for! When you work for yourself and you aren't able to to work at the same level that you are use to it is a little bit of a shock to…


VIDEO: How To Redo A Bad Art Journal Page

  I do not like where this page started today, it was a bad art journal page! I know that you can't always get it right and you have to do lots of bad art to get the good art out of you. And this definitely started as a bad art journal page for me. That is why today's art video takes…


VIDEO: How To Paint A Colorful Art Journal Page

  I have got some bright and colorful art journal inspiration for you in my art video today! And it just goes to prove that you don't always have to do something complex to achieve a stunning mixed media art journal page. So I hope it inspires to you go bold and beautiful in your next colorful art journal session! And you…


VIDEO: When Doodles Go Wrong Art Journal Page!

  What do you do when doodles go wrong? I had one of those recently. I doodled away thinking all would be fine, I mean I was doodling with one of the best paint pen colors in the world! What could go wrong? Well a dodgy doodle, that is what could go wrong! Oh and you can see more of that paint…

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