Watercolour Pen and Paint Pen Doodle – Relaxing And Easy Art ***VIDEO***

Red, black and yellow watercolour pen and paint pen doodle by Kim Dellow


I thought that we could do some relaxing art today. Grab your watercolour pens, if you have them, some paper, maybe a paint pen and let’s get doodling.

Doodling is definitely meditative and relaxing isn’t it? Circles make up most of my doodling today, nice and simple. But it is the colours of the watercolour pen doodling that sets this piece off I think.

If you don’t have watercolour pens, or brush pens of any sort, then you can still watercolour doodle, just swap them out for paint or ink and have play. And if you do have watercolour pens and would like some more ideas for using them then check out my blog post on the Ecoline pens I am using, don’t worry many of the techniques can be used on whatever brand you have already!


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VIDEO: Watercolour Pen and Paint Pen Doodle – Relaxing And Easy Art 






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Close-up of Red, black and yellow watercolour pen and paint pen doodle by Kim Dellow


Hope that has got you into a doodling state of mind. If it has and you need more ideas then grab your pens and watch my .

And for watercolour doodles watch my next!

Enjoy your watercolour pen doodles!



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