VIDEO: Easy Acrylic Paint Doodle Flowers

Easy Acrylic Paint Doodle Flowers by Kim Dellow

I have some doodle flowers for you today in more ways than one! I will explain in a minute but keep tuned because I have a little ‘thank you’ freebie that you might like to grab!

But let me start you off with this piece today, I mean you will hear all about this doodle flower process in the video of course but you might be looking at the picture above and wondering about it.

Like way are there dots and lines behind the flowers? I quite like those dots and lines I think they add an even more bouquet feel to the piece, as if the doodle flowers bouquet was wrapped in one of those decorated cellophane spirals, do you know what I mean?

Well this piece started as a mark making project and turned into the doodle flowers and I think it is my favorite floral June piece, although the ‘Quick Inspiration’ leaf piece is a close second!

I liked it so much that I thought I would make it a giveaway to say thank you for joining me this month with the floral projects! So I have a black and white version of the line drawing for you to download over on my Patreon page and color in or use in your art. It is free for your own non-commercial use and you don’t have to be a Patreon to grab it (it is just easier to host it over there as a download!).

If you are my Patreon you can also grab the colored version of this piece too and you can use it in your art or hang it on your wall if you like!

I hope you have fun and enjoy it!

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VIDEO: Easy Acrylic Paint Doodle Flowers



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Easy Acrylic Paint Doodle Flowers by Kim Dellow

In case you have missed them I have all the floral June videos collected together in a playlist for you.

And if you are looking for some more mixed media doodle ideas then I have a whole playlist of videos for you. Grab a coffee/ tea/ paint brush and watch them here!

Have fun with your doodle flowers and don’t forget to go grab the download!


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