VIDEO: My Inktober Doodles Part 2 Sketchbook Tour

some pages from Kim Dellow's Inktober Doodles Sketchbook


Welcome to the my second Inktober doodles sketchbook tour! I’ve started where we left off last time in the first part of my  video. So we start on Day 11 for this one, oh and the first part came with a pep talk too if you missed it! I hope you managed to keep up with this challenge, of with whatever challenge you have been taking part in. It is not easy is it?!

But I do think it is worth it. I was happy that I got to the end and managed to post one of my Inktober doodles everyday on and I hope to keep the daily Instagram posting momentum going even now that Inktober is over. Really that was the main goal for me, as well as just giving myself permission to experiment with my doodle patterns and mark making.

Scroll on down to see the video and to see what supplies I used for my Inktober doodles.


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VIDEO: My Inktober Doodles Part 2 Sketchbook Tour




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——— S U P P L I E S ———

Any sketchbook. I am using an old Paperblanks diary that I picked up for a couple of pounds (they can be really expensive if you buy them new!)
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Sharpie Fine Tip Pen
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Pentel Refillable Pocket Brush Pen
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Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen
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Caran D’Ache Pablo coloring pencils
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Staedtler Textsurfer Dry
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You can find a list of my favorite and most used art supplies here.


close-up of a page from Kim Dellow's Inktober Doodles Sketchbook


If you enjoyed that and want some more ideas then watch my , it starts with part 1 of my Inktober sketchbook tour and is full of ideas for your art journal and mixed media projects.

And if you are wondering what I did in my Inktober doodles last year then watch my

Oh, and that colorful mixed media rings project that I talked about in today’s video is !


Have a fun doodling day!



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