VIDEO: Floral June – Quick Inspiration

Happy Saturday! I have a quick inspiration video to get you inspired and ready to create this weekend! It is all part of my Floral June theme here and on Patreon. So today is a little reminder to not forget your test pieces and scraps of paper. They might make fun art pieces too! Don't forget to share your flower and floral…


VIDEO: Floral June – Simple Paint Textures

I just love floral art and working with florals, there is so much you can do with them isn't there? I thought I would explore all sorts of mixed media flower art this month both here and on Patreon too.  So let's kick this floral month off with some simple textures using acrylic paints in this timelapse art video today. I will…


VIDEO: Easy Mixed Media Art Tutorial – Keys

  It is my last video for 2018 and I thought it would be fun if we did some easy mixed media art together, what do you think? Everything you need for this project is listed under the video below, and remember you don't have to use exactly what I have used, grab what you have in your stash. I go layer…


VIDEO: My Inktober Doodles Part 2 Sketchbook Tour

  Welcome to the my second Inktober doodles sketchbook tour! I've started where we left off last time in the first part of my 2018 Inktober doodles sketchbook tour video. So we start on Day 11 for this one, oh and the first part came with a pep talk too if you missed it! I hope you managed to keep up with this…


VIDEO: Inktober – How To Keep Going

  So I wasn't going to join in with Inktober this year. I didn't think I would be able to fit it in. But I changed my mind at the very last minute, I mean literally on the day it started, October 1st! And now we are almost, not quite, but pretty close to halfway through the month. So how are you…


VIDEO: When Doodles Go Wrong Art Journal Page!

  What do you do when doodles go wrong? I had one of those recently. I doodled away thinking all would be fine, I mean I was doodling with one of the best paint pen colors in the world! What could go wrong? Well a dodgy doodle, that is what could go wrong! Oh and you can see more of that paint…


VIDEO: How To Layer Colors – Using Acrylic Inks

  If you have issue 182 of Simply Cards and Papercraft Magazine then you might have spotted my interview and this layering colors project already?! It's a mix of crafty and arty because I am using some stamping but I also drew a flower for it too. So it is mix and match mixed media! I talk you through my creative process…


VIDEO: Easy Expressive Flower Drawing Exercise Using Watersoluble Crayons

  I really love using crayons to draw with, they can be so expressive can't they? I'm sharing a great flower drawing exercise in my Wednesday art video this week, using watersoluble crayons. This easy flower drawing exercise if great for beginners and experts alike. If you are a beginner it will help you build confidence with your expressive drawing. For the more advanced…


VIDEO: Sketchbook Tour and mini vlog – Inktober 2017

Did you enjoy Inktober? Perhaps you joined in over on instagram or just enjoyed watching the art that was being produced by your favourite artist day after day through October? As many of you know I joined in too, in my small way, with this worldwide challenge started by Jake Parker and shared a daily ink sketch over on instagram. I wasn't…

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