VIDEO: Five Fun Exercises To Get You Drawing

Different drawing exercises from Kim Dellow to get you drawing

I have recently discovered just how much I enjoy drawing. Well, I say ‘discovered’ but perhaps that should be ‘rediscovered’. It is one of those things that I did when I was younger and then stopped for so many reasons. Time and not thinking I was any good at it were two of the main ones. But over the last few years rediscovering my joy for making art has made me realise a few things. One important one is that the ‘not thinking I am any good at it’ is not important if I enjoy doing it. Once I realised that, it kind of took the pressure off and I stopped trying to be perfect and just enjoyed it instead.

So, as you know, if you have been following me for a while, I am generally on a mission to try and take the fear out of art making as a whole. But there seems to be even more fear around drawing and I think it is time to debunk that fear and let it go. So today’s video has 5 exercises, or prompts, to get us all drawing and it is not about being the perfect renderer, or making amazingly realistic drawings, it is about taking part and playing and letting yourself enjoy the process.

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VIDEO: Five Fun Exercises To Get You Drawing



——— S U P P L I E S ———

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This is what I am using but really just grab what you have to hand, it doesn’t matter what you use!

Drawing paper, a4 and and a3
Bristol paper/ board (it is a smooth surface that works well with fineline markers but not at all necessary)
fineline markers – brush tips and bullet
brush pen
any paint
felt tip pens

Different drawing exercises from Kim Dellow to get you drawing

If you have enjoyed trying out these drawing exercises then I have plenty of other videos that have inspiration to help you and of course too!

Keep looking after yourself and have fun drawing too.



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