VIDEO: Easy, Fearless Mixed Media Layers

We all want to make fearless mixed media art but I know that we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make 'beautiful' things, eye-pleasing art, can't we? But you know me, I love to creative play and not all creative play has to be 'beautiful'. All it really needs to be is free, experimental, and fun! So in my…


VIDEO: Junk Journal Tips – Bleed Through Pages Part 2

  I am working on another bleed through page in my junk journal this week. It follows on directly from my video last week when I worked on the bleed through page opposite to today's page. I mean bleed through happens and you can either leave it, cover it or roll with it can't you? So this week what do I do?…


VIDEO: Junk Journal Tips – Bleed Through Pages

  What do you do with your bleed-through pages in your junk journal? You know where something from one page is visible on the back? This can happen from time to time depending on what products you use and it can happen a lot in junk journals because they are rarely artist-quality papers and mine especially aren't as I usually use event…

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