VIDEO: Flowers And Graphite Junk Journal Page

Junk journal page by Kim Dellow with flowers

Sometimes your junk journal page doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would does it? I mean it is not like I had a plan for this junk journal page that I am sharing today, but I didn’t think it would go the way that it did!

Just as with last week’s DIY art journal pages, I have also added in some graphite later on in the art process and have a few different techniques for you to try out on your next junk journal page. I am still just experimenting to see what looks I can get with graphite in mixed media. So I hope you enjoy watching the very up and down process of this junk journal today!

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VIDEO: Flowers And Graphite Junk Journal Page



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close up of the flowers and graphite junk journal page by Kim Dellow

If you haven’t seen what I use as my junk journals then of course I have a video for you all about them! Then I also have a video playlist of junk journal page inspiration for you to binge too!

For another idea for using graphite later in your junk journal page process then don’t forget to catch up with last week’s art video!

Have fun creating today!


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