September 2021 Art Club

Get Creating in Kim Dellow's September 2021 art club

What’s Coming Up In The September 2021 Art Club!

If you are looking to get creating this month and fill your boots with some art journal or junk journal processes then I do hope that you will thinking about joining me over in my art club this month!

Let me give you a peek at what we will be doing in the September 2021 art club.

Kim Dellow's Digi-Delightfuls in September 2021 Art club

Digi-Delightfuls And Video-Fanatics

The Digi-Delighfuls art pack download is three pages of rich colours to play with. We have two backgrounds to work on or cut up however you like. Some abstract florals and patterns, including some from this month’s Video-Fanatics projects.

There is also that layered rose from . So if you are on the Video-Fanatic tier you can watch how these images were made whilst you play with them! And both for Digi-Delightfuls and Video-Fanatics I will be back at the end of the month to show you what I got up to with the pack this month.

Peek at September 2021 Art Club from Kim Dellow


Video-Fanatics, we are going to go on some junk journal journeys with two complete page processes and something a little different too!

I have 2 full junk journal page processes to share with you in September. In the first one we are going to explore mark making and layering and making a doodle the feature of the page. Whilst we do we are also going to do that thing I say you should never do – keep hold of something on an early layer! So we shall see how that goes!

Make patterns features with Kim Dellow in September 2021 Art club

For our second junk journal process we will revisit using layers of mark making and play to bring texture and interest and then calming it down to bring harmony to a piece.

I say junk journals because that’s what I like to work in for these playful and experimental pages but remember you can use art journals or any surface you like working on.

Get mess with Kim Dellow in September 2021 Art club

Use layers to make lots of texture with Kim Dellow in September 2021 Art club

Our last video of the month is a little different as I thought I would take you through a relaxed studio session as it happens. So it is more about the process I go through than the finishing of projects and we will see how I usually work in one of my art sessions.

This one was particularly relaxed as I was going through a purely for play and not for outcomes type of process. So I hope you enjoy a relaxing art session and don’t forget to grab your colours and journal to art along with me!

Join Kim Dellow for a full art session in September 2021 Art club

So lots to play with coming up in September and don’t forget our weekly art focus prompts and behind the scenes catch-ups for all members! Meanwhile, keep on working through the ” exercises we have been doing in August and I would love to hear what it has helped you to find out about your art.

One of the things that has come out strongly for me is I think I need to try my hand at some landscapes. What have you found out about your art?

Thank you so, so much for being part of my art club in August. It is lovely to art with you and I look forward to arting with you in September.



Art Club September Schedule: 

Monday All – Art focus days and art chat catch-ups (All Members)

Friday 3rd – Digi-Delightful Art pack Download (Digi-Delightfuls + Video-Fanatics)

Saturday 4th – Doodle Pattern – Video-Fanatics 1 (Video-Fanatics)

Friday 10th – Layering Some More – Video-Fanatics 2 (Video-Fanatics)

Friday 17th – Studio Session – Video-Fanatics 3 (Video-Fanatics)

Last week in Sept – Digi-Delightful Inspiration Video (Digi-Delightfuls + Video-Fanatics)

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