Four Abstract Watercolour Exercises + Trying Out ZenART Brushes ***VIDEO***

abstract watercolour exercises from Kim Dellow

I have four abstract watercolour exercises to help you loosen up today. These are great for freeing up your watercolour play and stay to the end for a bonus exercise too!

Today I am also testing out a set of the Black Tulip synthetic squirrel hair brushes too. This is not a sponsored video bit I was sent the brushes for free from ZenART, thank you ZenART Supplies! You can hear what I thought of the brushes in the video, I wanted to give them a good old test and share the results with you! But of course you can do the exercises with whatever brushes you have.

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VIDEO: Four Abstract Watercolour Exercises + Trying Out ZenART Brushes 



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ZenART Black Tulip Mixed Shape Brush set
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close up of abstract watercolour exercises from Kim Dellow

You can find more videos to get you doodling  and making abstract watercolours in my watercolour doodling video playlist.

Or get your art teeth stuck into some more creative exercises!

Have fun arting.


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