Get Started With Your Watercolour Abstracts ***VIDEO***

Watercolour abstracts in jewel colours by Kim Dellow


This week I thought that we could get started with watercolour abstracts. I mean it has been a while since we last played with watercolour paint hasn’t it? I want to do a series of watercolour abstract doodles but first I need to do a couple of things before I can get started.

So grab your watercolour paints and join me in my studio today as I show you how I get started with my watercolour abstracts!


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VIDEO: Get Started With Your Watercolour Abstracts 






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Close up of two Watercolour abstracts in jewel colours by Kim Dellow

Close up of one Watercolour abstracts in jewel colours by Kim Dellow

I have more watercolour abstracts on my channel so if you are looking for some more inspiration then grab your paints and watch my .

Also don’t forget to check out the hack on the I mentioned.

Have fun with your watercolours today.



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