VIDEO: Three Easy Watercolor Abstract Inspiration

Three watercolor abstracts by Kim Dellow

Last week I was playing with acrylic paint and brushstrokes and sharing ideas on how to get the most out of your mark making. This week I have swapped to watercolor! So let’s play with our brushstrokes and see what kind of looks we can get with this wonderful medium. I am just going to use a mop brush for my abstracts but feel free to swap it up and use what brushes you have. And I will be chatting a bit about brushes, paint and paper in this video today with some pointers to what to try out and experiment with.

Now just as a side note! After recording this I realised that not all the colors I am using came from the Decadent pies set. So the pink I am using is actually from the Tropicals set but I liked how it works with the Decadent Pies colors so put it in the tin then forgot that it was an addition from another set!

Oh and another thing that is very handy that I discovered after recording this video is a list of the pigments for the Prima Marketing Inc Confections range. You can find it at .

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VIDEO: Three Easy Watercolor Abstract Inspiration



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close-up of one of the Three watercolor abstracts by Kim Dellow

Have fun playing with your brushstroke mark making in whatever medium you are using and don’t forget to checkout the my acrylic paint project video too, if you haven’t seen it yet! Find out more about how to add texture with just your brush and acrylic paint in this video here:

I’ve also got some more for you using all sorts of different products, not just watercolor paint.

Thanks for popping in and have fun creating today!


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