Sunday Round-Up

This is a first for me, I can say this week ‘As Seen On TV’ and what a thrill! It was quite surreal seeing something that you have made on national TV!

For those of you who missed my Friday post, Steph from Kuretake was demoing lots of yummy ZIG pens on Create and Craft and the design team had made samples to go
with the pens.

I mean it is quite surreal seeing something you have made sitting on the cover of a magazine in the newsagents, when this first happened I wanted to stand in front of the magazine and go ‘I did that!’ to anyone who happened past. I suppressed the urge and put on a professional face, kept the jumping up and down for home!

So imagine, seeing your makes on TV – dude! Yep, I have taped it. Steph and Buffy had put together a fabulous couple of shows and it was great to see the pens in action.

(Sorry for the rather rubbish screen shots of some of the makes, but you get the idea)

Ok so I’m off the ceiling now and knuckling down to more work to keep me grounded!

Before I come completely down to earth I just thought I would share an article from the current Papercraft Essentials, issue 69. Got some fun Summer Party makes for you in this issue with a masterclass in both hand and machine stitching. 

Lots of little projects, cards and tips in this one and some different stitching for you too! I’ve got some teasey teasers:

(btw the little box uses one of the Kuretake Gift box templates)

Just a little taster and I hope you like the article and find it useful! It was another article I loved putting together. But then I love doing them all.

Sunday Hopping:

Before I go I have some links that you might like to add to your Sunday hopping list. The first wonderful blog is that of Milla at Mustesormi

Milla makes gorgeous cards and papercraft projects and is another crafter after my own heart who loves her texture and making backgrounds. You should take a look at the wonderful make she has done with my recent sweet wrapper background tutorial – wow! Then there is the fabulous makes inspired by the collage background tutorial here and here. Love them!

The next fabby blog belongs to ManLe Hong of Pineapple Cove Designs and has a wonderful card made using my Sew Easy circle tutorial.

I don’t know about you but I just love seeing all this creativity that everyone is up to!

Have a fabulously creative day.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Round-Up”

  1. Oh my, I nearly fell off my chair, didn't really expect to see my humble little name mentioned on your blog, Kim. This really made my day (well, to be honest, it made my WEEK, not just the day 😉 ), thank you Kim for being so sweet as to mention me! 🙂
    Hugs, Milla

  2. Thanks Kim for the shout out and the great circle tutorial! You've answered the mystery for me in making circles with the Sew Easy.

    Congrats on having your work published & on TV..what an accomplishment. You do great work! Can't wait to see what's next.


  3. we can't see BBc so I didn't saw it, but I think it must be a great honor to see this and I'm so proud about you, and that I know you a bit, ☺ Congrats dear Kim.

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