New Home Doodling

I think that I'm just going to claim this week as Clean and Simple (CAS) week here on my blog! My last couple of makes have definitely been CAS and today is no break from that. It's a little doodle card, that I'm quite fond of. There isn't much to it I've just used a couple of pens, the ZIG Calligraphy pens…


Create & Craft You Say?

As some of you know I had my first TV appearance on the shopping channel Create and Craft last year and it was as much a surprise to me as it was to you guys! When I first started on this creative journey I had no idea in which direction it would take me and I never thought I would get the…


Konnichiwa For Kuretake

How about a little Japanese inspired make using the ZIG Memory System Scroll and Brush pens? If you want to see some more details for this one then pop on over the Kuretake blog to see some more. I've done a bit of blending as well as both Italics and Brush calligraphy for this one.  Have a fun Saturday! Kim


Demo Demo!

Hey Fluffy Friday Blog Hoppers, Just doing a quick fly by to let folks know that I'll be in the new Chingford Hobbycraft tomorrow 1st December from 10 am to 4 pm demoing for Kuretake, so if you happen to be passing by do drop in and say 'hi'! Also have you checked out the Kuretake blog recently? There have been lots…

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Just A Bit Of A Sharing

Well look at that! It is Thursday all ready. I thought I would share a couple of things today, apologies for not having any finished items to show but how about some news and a work in progress? I was having a bit of a play this week with my ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens, as you guys know they are…


Demo Time At The Works

Hi Crafty Artsters, hope you are all having a fabulous week? It has been pretty busy here this month, hence why I've been a bit quiet on Twitter and Facebook - well other than linking up makes from my blog of course. Balance to the Social Media force will be restored soon I'm sure! Meanwhile, I'm popping in to give you some…


Kind Hearts And Go-To Shapes

Hearts are one of my favourite motifs, it is my Go-To shape, I return to them again and again in my art. There is something about the shape and form of the heart symbol that works so well in so many compositions. Then you have all the different emotions that the heart symbol embodies and can give to a piece. I have…


Papercraft Essentials – Collaged Creations

The latest issue of Papercraft Essentials, Issue 85, will be hitting the shops very soon, if it isn't on the shelves already, and in this month's magazine the lovely Lee Jepson (Editor of Papercraft Essentials) asked me to do an article making lots of collage backgrounds repurposing those sometimes overlooked paper sources. Oh yes one of my pet passions, as you know!…


Being Yourself

The thing about Bank Holiday weekends is that the following week is shorter - which is good right? Of course it is! But it does mean that I'm thinking it is Wednesday when actually it is Thursday. Am I the only one? You guys can back me on this right? As it is Thursday and I haven't posted since Monday I thought…