New Home Doodling

I think that I’m just going to claim this week as Clean and Simple (CAS) week here on my blog! My last couple of makes have definitely been CAS and today is no break from that. It’s a little doodle card, that I’m quite fond of. There isn’t much to it I’ve just used a couple of pens, the ZIG Calligraphy pens and the ZIG Millenium pens.

Now you might recognise it as it was one of the samples I made for the Kuretake Create and Craft show I did last year, but I hadn’t got around to putting it up on my blog until now that is. 

I’m pretty sure there will be some more CAS makes on their way!

Catch you later.



Create & Craft You Say?

As some of you know I had my first TV appearance on the shopping channel Create and Craft last year and it was as much a surprise to me as it was to you guys! When I first started on this creative journey I had no idea in which direction it would take me and I never thought I would get the opportunity to demo let alone to demo on telly! 

Kuretake asked me if I would like to try out for a guest presenter spot and I thought, what the heck – I’ll give it a go! What have I got to lose – well apart from making a complete noodle of myself in front of folks – but hey what’s new there? I’m often making a noodle of
myself in public!

I made the trip up to Peterborough for a screen test with no idea what to expect and managed to pass the screen test, much to my surprise! I wouldn’t say that I sailed through it as I was really, really nervous but the wonderful Dee Paramour had been coaching me before hand which helped put my mind at ease and with the benefit of her advice I managed
to get through.

Then the day of the first show suddenly appeared and I was still in a bit of a state of shock that this was all going ahead, so I actually found myself quite relaxed about the whole thing. I was expecting to be a neurotic mess waiting for my bunny in the headlights moment as I stood in front of the camera bumbling incoherently but that never happened. 

I turned up the required couple of hours before the show and was soon setting up for my demos and going through the products with the production team and the presenter. My presenter for the show was Dave Bradford and he was so calm, professional and lovely that again I just felt ‘yeah, this is ok, I can do this’! All the production team were great, very friendly and patient with me and as I set up for my show I could see the show currently airing across the studio and that also made it easier as I could see how it all worked.

Next thing I knew it was SHOWTIME and I was being introduced by Dave and cameras were rolling. YIKES! Brain keep working – find words – speak! Yay! There were words coming out of my mouth and my hands were steady – phew! Well would you believe it? I was chatting away talking about the products, demoing and having a whale of a time. Totally surprised myself! But there aren’t really that many people in the studio and you kind of forget the cameras are on you and that there might be people watching!

And there were people watching! I had some lovely emails, thank you everyone who took the time to send in emails, it was wonderful to hear from you. I spotted some from fellow bloggy friends too – Shirley and Maxine sent me lovely emails and it was their first time emailing in, so a first for us all. I was tickled pink, you guys just made my day! You really did! Thank you

I managed to demo a card in full and the one I made on the show was given away at the end, I did keep it simple as you can see but I really didn’t know how the demo would go and I didn’t want to trip myself up on my first show by over complicating it! I was thinking on my feet for the other demos as the production team asked me to show particular things, but I had prepared for some different things just in case and I’m glad I did.

As I made my way home after the show I told David, my ever patient partner, that I wouldn’t watch the show until the weekend (we had recorded it). Yeah, right! I watched it as soon as I had a cup of tea in my hand and I was sat on the sofa – was that me? Did I just do that? 

For about a month afterwards I was telling everyone I met about the experience – whether they wanted to hear it or not! I was still amazed that I had done it. I’ve calmed down a little bit now but just wait – I have another show coming up…

Yep, Creative Expressions has given me the opportunity to represent them on a show next Friday and I can’t wait. I’m just designing the makes and demos at the moment, maybe, if I have time
I’ll sneak you some peeks…

So my next Create and Craft show is:
(remember that times can still change)

15th February 11am and 4pm

and can be seen on:

Freeview 36 | Freesat 813 | Sky 671 | Internet

Fingers crossed the nerves don’t kick in this time!



Just A Bit Of A Sharing

Well look at that! It is Thursday all ready. I thought I would share a couple of things today, apologies for not having any finished items to show but how about some news and a work in progress?

I was having a bit of a play this week with my ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens, as you guys know they are one of my favourite items in my colour medium tool box. The ZIG Art and Graphics have a brush tip and a bullet tip, in case you haven’t seen them – you can check them out in detail on my review post from last year.

I wanted to see if I could draw something with the bullet point tip of the pen, I have to admit I do use the brush end more so this was a bit of a challenge to myself to see what I could come up with.

Usually when I use watercolours I do draw the image in pencil first so drawing it with the bullet tip of the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin pens was an interesting change and I would do it again, so I shall carry on experimenting with this technique and would love to know if any of you guys have tried it?

Extreme close up:

I love the textures you can get with Watercolour, so random and interesting.

Anyway, whilst I’m still on the subject of Kuretake just to let you know that I will be at West Worthing Hobbycraft this weekend for a demo in the new store. Hope to see you there Saturday 24th from 10am to 4pm!

Oh and just to let you know I’m going to be on telly! Yikes! I’ve got a show for Kuretake coming up on Create and Craft – 28th November 11am (Time is now 1pm not 11am). So set your recorders…I’m not nervous, not nervous – keep telling myself that and I might believe it! I hope you have been watching the lovely Dee Paramour and her shows?

Ok so final bit of catch-up news, some of you have spotted it already but I was one of those folks shortlisted / runner-up in the latest round of the Craft Stamper Stamper of Year competition! 

Totally pleased as punch! 

Thank you so much those of you who have been sending me congrats – you are lovely.

Ok, so I best get on and finish some stuff.

Hope you all have a lovely creative Thursday.


EDIT: The Create and Craft show has been changed to 1pm 28th November instead of 11am


Demo Time At The Works

Hi Crafty Artsters, hope you are all having a fabulous week? It has been pretty busy here this month, hence why I’ve been a bit quiet on Twitter and Facebook – well other than linking up makes from my blog of course. Balance to the Social Media force will be restored soon I’m sure!

Meanwhile, I’m popping in to give you some demo news – check out my sidebar for up and coming demo dates for Kuretake.

Including one in The Works in Southampton this week.

Oooo – not demoed in The Works before!

Hope to see you there!



Kind Hearts And Go-To Shapes

Hearts are one of my favourite motifs, it is my Go-To shape, I return to them again and again in my art. There is something about the shape and form of the heart symbol that works so well in so many compositions. Then you have all the different emotions that the heart symbol embodies and can give to a piece.

I have a random heart to show today, it was an unplanned, growing with the moment, card I made in my Kuretake demo a few weeks ago.

It is random in that I had no idea for the final look for the card, which is unusual for me, I often spend a little bit of time sketching out my ideas before starting. I knew that I wanted to demonstrate some watercolour washes using the ZIG Art and Grapic Twin Watercolour Pens and the ZIG Watercolour System BrusH2Os.

So I freeform created this little Clean and Simple Card with the details added in with a ZIG Writer pen and my Go-To shape a little heart.

Do you have a Go-To shape? Something you use in your art, that you revisit many times?

I have another demo this weekend, this one is in the Basildon Hobbycraft, Saturday 15th September from 10am to 4pm, hope to see you there for some random creating from my heart!


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Papercraft Essentials – Collaged Creations

The latest issue of Papercraft Essentials, Issue 85, will be hitting the shops very soon, if it isn’t on the shelves already, and in this month’s magazine the lovely Lee Jepson (Editor of Papercraft Essentials) asked me to do an article making lots of collage backgrounds repurposing those sometimes overlooked paper sources. Oh yes one of my pet passions, as you know!

I had a lot of fun with this one using PanPastel to colour my collages and stamps from Creative Expressions and even some Basically Bare items

But get this – you can get a little preview as there is one of the makes as an extra on the Crafts On The Net site and it has the step by steps and everything!




Being Yourself

The thing about Bank Holiday weekends is that the following week is shorter – which is good right? Of course it is! But it does mean that I’m thinking it is Wednesday when actually it is Thursday. Am I the only one? You guys can back me on this right?

As it is Thursday and I haven’t posted since Monday I thought I would drop in and post a very quick make from my Kuretake demo last weekend.

I’ve used the ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Watercolour markers for this one, I did a subtle background watercolour wash using a ZIG Watercolour System BrusH20 and then added the splatter effect by flicking the brush tip of the markers onto the card.

The sentiment is one to try and live by isn’t it? It comes from one of the SCACD Susana Loves Oddly Sweet Monster stamps – Monster Success.

Right, I need to get some more projects finished before Thursday turns into Friday.

Have a monster Thursday.