VIDEO: 3 Paper Doodling Ideas Using Someone Else’s Papers

3 different paper doodling ideas from Kim Dellow

If you still haven’t tried Paper doodling then maybe my three paper doodling projects this week will get you cutting! I have swapped out my own leftover papers for some gorgeous paper downloads that I bought from the lovely Judy who owns the Etsy shop JADESMiXEdMediaArt. They are so rich and full of details and color that I just had to try paper doodling with them. You can also find Judy over on Instagram too so do pop on over and say hi!. 

These papers are so lovely and bright that I think they work well on dark backgrounds. I have some more ideas of where you can use your paper doodles and on what surfaces in this week’s video. Don’t forget that if you have missed all the paper doodling fun you can find out how to do it in my How To Paper Doodle Video.


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VIDEO: 3 Paper Doodling Ideas Using Someone Else’s Papers





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close up of the three paper doodling projects by Kim Dellow

If you need more paper doodling videos then watch last week’s paper doodle inspiration and catch up with the how to video too!

Have fun cutting!


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