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I have some art journal pages to share again with you today, this time last week I shared three art journal projects, two from my junk journal, this week I have three more to share. All six projects were made around about the same time, so there is some cross over in the materials used and the style and look for some of them. But they are all different too.

This first page that I am sharing with you is a sister to the Art Slice mini-video ‘Bubble Art Journal’ that I shared on the 11th November.

Kim Dellow Art Journal page swirls

It is worked on the same acrylic paint background which was made using the new Liquitex Muted Collection paints. I’ve added a cluster of tight swirls with a white Sharpie paint pen and a looser, large swirl drawn with a black Sharpie paint pen. I’ve also added in some lettering and a cluster of thick short line marks.

If you watch the Art Slice mini-video ‘Bubble Art Journal Art Slice. you will get a good idea of how I put the background together for this.

The next share is something a little different. It is a ballpoint pen sketch on a gesso page in my Junk Journal.

Kim Dellow geometric shapes art journal page

I was playing with geometric shapes and just organically doodling away to see what would happen. I quite like the mix of straight lines with curves. It was almost meditative doing this page, I was only going to do a few shapes then it turned into a large, page filling pattern of shapes.

For my final share another swirl-inspired project like the first project above.

This one uses paint pen swirls, heart and lettering on an acrylic paint and junk journal background. I think the green of the picture from the junk journal page really adds to the final look of the project, but then that is the joy of using junk journals isn’t it?

Shout if you have some journal pages you want to share, I would love to see so leave a comment with a link below.


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