VIDEO: November Art Slice Round-Up

It is here! It is the month of Christmas! Ooops, I mean it is December everyone.  I know, crazy, right? So as it is the first Friday of the new month I have a quick round-up of my November Art Slice videos, all here in one place. Hope you have been enjoying watching them on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook as they go up week by week.

So shall we start at the beginning of the month?

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Liquitex Ink Muted Collection Flowers

The beginning of November found me trying the new Muted Collection colours inks from Liquitex.

I really love the muted collection colour palette. It is like a muted version of jewel colours, which are my favourite colours, so am a little obsessed by this collection at the moment.

Materials Used:
Fabriano 5 Watercolour paper
Liquitex Inks Muted Colour Collection
Jackson’s : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0

Bubble Art Journal

The next video still finds me experimenting with the Liquitex Muted Collection to make an art journal page.

I started this page with some of the heavy body Muted Collection spread on the surface the I pressed a ‘dirty’ piece of bubble wrap into the nearly wet surface so that the paint residue on the bubble wrap stayed on the page when the wrap was lifted off. This way you get a bit for texture. Once this was dry I then went on to adding the swirls with the paint pen.

Materials Used: 
Junk Journal
Old plastic gift card/ credit card
Liquitex Heavy Body Muted Violet
Liquitex Heavy Body Muted Pink
Liquitex Heavy Body Muted Grey
Liquitex Heavy Body Medium Magenta
Liquitex Heavy Body Titanium White
Liquitex Soft Body Cerulean Blue Hue
Liquitex Soft Body Prism Violet
Bubble wrap
Sharpie Water-based extra fine point Pen White

Ballpoint Pen and Watercolour

I finally tore myself away from the Muted Collection to go back to some brights and a journal page using different coloured ballpoint pens.

I started this page with a layer of Absorbent Ground which is a great ground for watercolours when you are working on a surface that doesn’t usually work well with watercolour.

Materials Used: 
Junk Journal
Papermate InkJoy 100
Staedtler Ball 432
Winsor and Newton Watercolour
Jackson’s : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0
Golden Absorbent Ground

Orange And Aqua Journal Page

Another ballpoint pen page and flowers seem to be a big theme with me at the moment!

For this one I used gouache to block out the background after finishing the flower sketch.

Materials Used:
Junk Journal
Turner Gouache
ballpoint pen
Jackson’s : Icon : Sable Synthetic Mix : Watercolour Brush : Quill : No.10/0 

I hope that you are enjoying these mini videos, my next one will be out on my YouTube Channel at 1pm (GMT) today and at around 7pm (GMT) over on my Instagram channel.


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