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Time for my second DT make of the week with another handbag stamp from Creative Expressions. After my wondering away from my planned DT makes with last week’s Art Journal page I thought that this week I would stick to my plans with this card.

The design is quite simple, as you can see…

The handbag is called Bejewelled Bag and is from the Creative Expressions pre-cut single stamps range. The sentiment comes with the stamp.

What makes the card slightly different is that I’ve used some leftover background paper experiments from another project. I never throw these papers away as they always come in handy eventually, I’m sure you are the same aren’t you?

Also in my DT pack this month was one of the Cosmic Shimmer Pastel glues, so I thought I would see how it works to make pearls. The dot in the middle of the flower is a Pastel glue pearl and it was very easy to apply and formed a nice rounded shape. I don’t know about you but sometimes I find that some products don’t give you a nice rounded pearl and can be a bit hard to apply, I’ve often been frustrated with the end result but this one seems to work just fine. 

Also it was touch dry really quickly – bonus! I can not tell you the number of times I’ve accidentally smeared or messed up pearl drops on a make, seriously I am rubbish when it comes to remembering that something is wet and must not be touched!

Right, I’m off. Catch you all later.


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