Art Journal Sharing Thursday

I both LOVE and HATE Art Journaling.

I LOVE it because it is a chance to try out new materials or techniques without the pressure of having to have a finished piece or a beautiful make. Then of course it is also a safe place to express myself without fear or judgement. But this is precisely why I HATE art journaling too.

Expressing yourself can be scary, even though there is no pressure to make something beautiful, I mean you don’t have to show it to anyone now do you? But still what if it all turns out ugly? You still have to find a way to forgive yourself for making something nasty don’t you? And yes, I know you have to let it go and there will be a lot of ugly things to work through before you get to beautiful, you are better off getting it all out of your system and purging it.

But it is still scary and difficult to do. So I am making this year my year of getting into the regular art journaling habit. I dabble, and have many pages in various forms of completion, some I’ve shown you guys, more that I haven’t. 

But this year I’ve promised myself that I will get into the regular Art Journaling Habit. Of course telling you guys all about it will help won’t it? If you want to make something into a habit aren’t you supposed to tell lots of people about it so you have no real get out clause and they can hold you to account?

Ok so that is the theory, let’s see how it spans out shall we? 

This page is all about colour. I was doing some colour organising onto swatch cards of some Tsukineko Memento ink pads. I was leaning on some paper and the leftover marks on the paper where too gorgeous to not use. I stuck the paper into my journal and added the black ‘Graffiti’ marks with the Tuxedo Black ink pad and the writing with a marker pen.

Last week I shared an art journal page I did for a DT make and told you a little bit about the book I’m using at the moment. The book is a repurposed flier that was actually picked up for me by David, he knows I like these types of fliers and things, isn’t he lovely to me? It is A5 and is full of some lovely pictures which will turn up in other makes I’m sure.

I haven’t done the cover yet as you can see, but I will when the time is right.

Ok, so that is more than enough from me today. 

Hope you are all having a totally creative week.


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. ♥Gemma♥

    I love this page…it's fabulous and love the black against those bright colours too!!

    I have recently started dabbling Art Journalling recently and i am loving it but to help me along, i joined a free workshop over Journal52 which you get weekly prompts to help you create pages…it's fun!!

    hugs and xxx

  2. lynnesbowsandbelles

    Bravo to you Kim for saying this is the year you will embrace art journalling as a way to express yourself without being afraid of what it is you share.
    I have never even dabbled as yet, shame on me as last birthday I received a beautiful handmade art journal from a friend, she actually made it for me. Maybe that is why I am so hesitant, concerned that I mess up her beautiful book!
    I surely need to take inspiration from you.

  3. Shirley Davis

    Kim, your art journal is bound to be a "success" for you. Firstly, your creativity is always fit for purpose. Secondly, you write so well and your self-expression will match your emotional status.


  4. Lady Anne

    The thing I likie is that you seem so determined to do it this year, I understand your fear as I'm just the same, I love the art journal and would love to do one but feel I can't, it is something inside of me which limits what I can do but I feel there is a creative soul trying to get out 🙂 I hope that makes sense?
    You have inspired me today so bless you for that…
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx
    Lady Anne's

  5. PetraB

    This is exactly how I feel about art journalling. Your plan is wonderful and so are your pages.

  6. misteejay

    I love the page Kim – such lovely colours and I agree…it would have been a crime not to keep them.

    I find it difficult to Art journal or Smash as in both cases I have a fear of making that first mark on the page.

    You've made a great start to the year with this page – I look forward to seeing more.

    Toni xx

  7. Juls

    Fabulous page! Hugs Juls

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