8 thoughts on “Art Journal Sharing Thursday”

  1. I love this page…it's fabulous and love the black against those bright colours too!!

    I have recently started dabbling Art Journalling recently and i am loving it but to help me along, i joined a free workshop over Journal52 which you get weekly prompts to help you create pages…it's fun!!

    hugs and xxx

  2. Bravo to you Kim for saying this is the year you will embrace art journalling as a way to express yourself without being afraid of what it is you share.
    I have never even dabbled as yet, shame on me as last birthday I received a beautiful handmade art journal from a friend, she actually made it for me. Maybe that is why I am so hesitant, concerned that I mess up her beautiful book!
    I surely need to take inspiration from you.

  3. Kim, your art journal is bound to be a "success" for you. Firstly, your creativity is always fit for purpose. Secondly, you write so well and your self-expression will match your emotional status.


  4. The thing I likie is that you seem so determined to do it this year, I understand your fear as I'm just the same, I love the art journal and would love to do one but feel I can't, it is something inside of me which limits what I can do but I feel there is a creative soul trying to get out 🙂 I hope that makes sense?
    You have inspired me today so bless you for that…
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx
    Lady Anne's

  5. I love the page Kim – such lovely colours and I agree…it would have been a crime not to keep them.

    I find it difficult to Art journal or Smash as in both cases I have a fear of making that first mark on the page.

    You've made a great start to the year with this page – I look forward to seeing more.

    Toni xx

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