Back On Create And Craft

I’ve been busy making samples and putting demos together this week for my next Creative Expressions show on  Create and Craft.

I’m on this Sunday (19th May) 12pm – 2pm in the Tool Shed! (But remember times can change).

You can catch the show online or via  Freeview 36 | Freesat 813 | Virgin 748 | Sky 671 or even via their app.

And you can have a pretty good guess at what type of show it will be if you pop over to their website as they have the products up already, but don’t go buying them all, leave me something to demo won’t you?


8 thoughts on “Back On Create And Craft”

  1. Actually watching 2nd hour right now. I had not heard of glassine?? Looks so cool. I'll be honest, didn't know you'd be on but always record Tool Shed. Started watching & kept thinking "I know that face, where do I know that face from?"… Then with combo of TH & Creative Expressions it clicked!!
    Brilliant shows, you seemed very at home on tv & Deano is probably my favorite presenter so bonus!! Great to see paints being used (yet to purchase when pennies are available), the stamps are cool & of course embellies, oh & the books &…. Ok, all are "I WANT!!" You are one very lucky person to have these things to 'play' with!! 🙂

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