Magazine Monday

It is magazine time and some new mags have hit the shelves! Yay! That’s tea breaks this week sorted then.

First up is the Creative Titles, there is a new issue of Creative Stamping (issue 17)

And Creative Cardmaking (issue 68).

And would you believe it, I made the main cover girl on both! Ooooo! Big smiles from me, lovely way to start my week (thanks Laura!).

Also out in the shops is the new issue of Simply Cards and Papercraft (issue 124)

I’m really looking forward to getting a peak at this one as I’ve shared a peak into one of my SMASH books. Mmm I really should share some of my SMASH book pages here too.

How about you? Are you a SMASHer? If you do I would love to see it! I love looking at people’s journals! Is that nosy of me?

Whilst I’m at the magazine shout outs you might want to also check out the Bumper issue 50 of Complete Cardmaking too!

Well, look, before I leave you to your reading list this week make sure that you add Julie Kirk’s blog Notes On Paper to the list, she is revisiting her fab Push-Up Bra Approach to Blogging. If you are having a bit of the blogging lull, and let’s face it we all do from time to time, then you NEED to read her blog.

Catch you later Readinators



New Mag Monday – Get Stamping, Papercraft Essentials, Creative cardmaking

New Mag Monday! That sounds quite catchy doesn’t it?

There are some new magazines in the shops so I thought I would do my shout out for them. I haven’t seen them yet so I’ve got something to look forward too! Tee Hee! That is my tea breaks sorted when I get my crafty hands on them.

First up is the new Papercraft Essentials Issue 106.

This month I got a chance to play with making backgrounds and I’ve also used some of the Creative Expressions Stamps for this one, lots of pretty flowers for Spring with the Umount Posy Floral 1 stamp set.

Then there is the new issue of Creative Cardmaking, Issue 66.

I can’t wait to get a peek at this one as I made some off the page gifts for men and I’m excited to seeing how they look in the magazine!

The final shout out is tinged with much unhappiness. It is for Get Stamping issue 8 and from what I’ve heard it will be the last issue.

Such a shame! I’m gutted! I really loved this magazine and its fab cover stamps. For me it had such a great range of different projects, not just cards but scrapbooking, home decor, and journal keeping all in one place and lots of lovely design work from the designers, so it is really sad it won’t continue. You can still find some back issues, and the new issue of course, over on the MoreMags website so go enjoy it whilst you can.

But on a happy note Those two main cards on the cover are mine. *Yay* between the *sad face* looks!

Hope you enjoy your reads this week.

Catch you later.



Some Weekend Reading – Digital Crafting Essentials, Simply Cards & Papercraft, Creative Cardmaking and Papercraft Essentials

Ok, so I confess, I’ve dropped a bit behind with my magazine shout outs, so some of these mags have been out for a few weeks now so you might need to move fast if you haven’t got them already and you want them.

The first shout out is for Simply Cards and Papercraft 121 which has been out since the beginning of March, I know, my bad!

I was super excited when I realised that the purple card on the front was actually mine LOL! I can be a bit slow sometimes and I thought ‘that looks familiar!’ Oh bless. I’ve been making patterns with the lovely Waltzingmouse stamps.

Then there is Digital Crafting Essentials vol 2

I’ve been making some digital papers and stamps again and you will find them on the free CDs with the magazine. Hope you like them.

Next up it is Creative Cardmaking 65

and some cute Easter makes using paper and die cuts to make cute bunnies and chicks.

Last but not least there is the new issue of Papercraft Essentials, issue 105, and this one came out only last week so I’m back up-to-date – phew!

You get some lovely Core’dinations card with this one so have fun with it!

Ok, so lots of weekend reading, yay for the weekend!

Have a fun Friday.



Some Weekend Reading – Creative Cardmaking, Papercraft Essentials And Get Stamping

Ok so it is a bumper read-a-thon this weekend! I’m looking forward to reading…

Creative Cardmaking 64

Which is very pretty in pink this month! I went to the circus with my makes for kids in this issue. They are very bright and all you need to make them is some coloured card and maybe a few dies or punches. Hope you like clowns – they are cute ones, not scary – honest guv!

Next there is Papercraft Essentials 104

I was lucky enough to have a chance to play with the lovely embossing folder and stamp set gift on the cover this month, looking forward to hearing how you get on with them too. I also have some ideas for getting the most our of your dies in this month, dies are soooo popular right now. 

Then last but not least is Get Stamping 7

I know Shirley will be pleased 🙂 The stamps are Asian-Themed this month and I made full cover girl *Beam*! It is always such a thrill to make the main project on the cover. So I was let loose with a Blue Willow Pattern theme, you know, as in the the blue and white ceramic kitchenware designs that were first made popular in the 18th Century. 

I do love a bit of ceramic, I mean don’t get me started on bowls, I LOVE bowls! Oh dear, that is another obsessions out of the bag, I might as well call this blog ‘Kim and her Weird Obsessions’!

Right, I better be off so that I can finish what I need to do today to leave room for all the reading.



Some Reading For The Weekend

So how many sleeps is it now? Not many and I still haven’t made those mince pies. I bought all the stuff I needed last weekend but just haven’t put them all together yet – Job for this weekend I think!

Well, in between mince pie making and eating (they won’t last!) I shall be reading…

The new issue of Creative Cardmaking (issue 62)

Ok, so I actually don’t have a copy of this magazine yet, so might have to save a mince pie for reading it later! My offering this month is an uses for border punch article in it ‘coz I can see it on the cover! Tee Hee.

Then I will be reading issue 47 of Complete Cardmaking

It’s full to the brim of inspiration as you would expect from a magazine from Practical Publishing. I’m particularly looking forward to reading Louise Collins’ article about Taking Photos for Digital Scrapbooking. Look out for that one! 

My offering this month is a day in the life, so a look at my day as a freelance designer and there is a photo of me on the cover – Yikes! That was a bit of a shock when I got my copy I can tell you! 

Munch, Read, Munch, Read, Munch – that is my weekend sorted!

Catch you later.



It’s Magazine Time And A Heads-Up

New week, new magazine full of inspiration to checkout!

Creative Cardmaking issue 61 is out in the shops…

I’ve not seen it yet so can’t tell you much about it, go checkout the website if you want to know what is in this issue. There should be an article on acetate from me with some boxes and cards.

By the way, you might want to come back tomorrow. There is going to be a yummy Creative Expressions blog hop with lots and lots of prizes! 

See you tomorrow and have a good Monday.



Some Reading For The Weekend

Can you believe? It is the weekend already so I have some reading to catch up on. First up there is the new issue of the new Bookazine Digital Crafting Essentials Vol 1

Lots of digital inspiration in this one, with some great free bits and bobs on the free CD-ROMS including some super cute Christmas Digi-Stamps from Saturated Canary. I was lucky enough to get to play with these and they are fun to colour. I haven’t done any colouring for a while so it was nice to get a little practice in. I’ve also got an article with tips for taking photos for your blog and some Silhouette Cameo and Sizzix eclips makes too. 

Next up is the latest issue of Creative Cardmaking, Issue 60

What do you think about Iris Folding? Is it a technique you have used before? Are you a regular Iris Folder? It is a technique I’ve not used much myself, well, never used if I am honest but I’ve got an article in this month’s issue of Creative Cardmaking with my first ever Iris Folding and templates I designed myself. So if I can do it, it can’t be that difficult! It was fun actually, I like the fact that you can use colour to build the picture. If you want to see my first ever attempt at Iris Folding then check out this month’s issue of Creative Cardmaking.

Final reading to catch up on is this month’s issue of Complete Cardmaking, Issue 46

There are lots of yum digital freebies in the cover CD-ROM with this issue including some papers designed by me. Hope you like them!

Right, well, better go get a cup of tea for all this reading!

Catch you later artinators.



Ready For Some Weekend Reading?

Hey, Hey, Hey! It is time for a heads-up for a bit of weekend reading…So feet up, cup of tea and biscuits at the ready…

The new issue of Creative Cardmaking is out, Issue 59.

You will find some quick Christmas makes using Washi Tape from me in this issue.

By the way, have you checked out the Papercraft Magazine website recently? You can keep up-to-date with all the latest issues from Practical Publishing as well as extra projects and freebies too. 

Whilst you are at it don’t forget to go ‘like’ the Papercraft Magazines page on Facebook too. You might spot a head’s-up on an upcoming project I have in Issue 46 of Complete Cardmaking…I’m not telling…You will just have to wait and see! Tee Hee!

Catch you later Craftinators.



Reading For the Bank Holiday

It is bank holiday weekend here in the UK and that means extra feet-up and reading time! Which is good ‘coz I have quite a few magazine heads-up this week.

I’ll do them in order of when they went on sale, so first up is Simply Cards and Papercraft issue 114 which was actually out in the shops last week…

When I got my copy of Simply Cards and Papercraft I had one of those weird déjà vu moments, I was looking at the cover thinking that card with the teapot and cups looks really familiar. Honestly it took me a good couple of minutes to work out that it looked familiar because it was one of mine. *Sigh* think I’ve been working too hard! It is one of a couple of cards I made with the Silhouette Cameo for the Cardmaker’s Challenge.

I also have a masterclass in this issue using your homemade gelatine plates (or your Gelli plates of course) in a bit of card making. If you look close enough to the step by steps you can spot the nail vanish I was wearing that week. I actually had contrasting colours on one of the fingers of each hand but tried very hard not to get that in the shot! 

Next up is Complete Cardmaking Issue 45 which was in the shops yesterday.

I have a whole article about the Silhouette Cameo in this one, so if you have one and want some Christmas Making inspiration or are debating getting an electronic cutting machine then you might want to take a peek at this issue.

Ok, so last but not least, out today is Creative Cardmaking issue 58.

Now in this issue I have four gem-ed to the max makes, using gems to make embellishments and focal points for cards. 

Bling it on baby! 

Bling it on! 

Do you get it? 

*Sigh* I have been working too hard.

I better go before my head explodes.

Catch you all later.



The Latest Magazines To Look Out For

Magazine time. I’m a bit late on these heads-up so hopefully you have seen these mags already but I thought I would give you a shout out anyway!

 So first up is the latest issue of Papercraft Essentials, issue 97.

In this issue Lee Campbell, the editor, has introduced a fabulous new feature. It is a full 12-step article and to kick this off I’ve done a resist stamping project using clear embossing and inks, one of my favourite techniques by the way.

If there is anything you would like stepped out in more detail, say a technique or a particular project then go drop Lee a note over at the Facebook page or over at the Papercraft Essentials Twitter stream.

You will also find the lovely Tracy Evans making her debut in this issue! YAY Tracy, great to see you in Papercraft Essentials!

The next magazine heads-up is for Creative Cardmaking 57.

I’ve not seen this issue yet but the cover looks very pretty and there is a Polka Doodles kit with it too! I should have a Summery glossy embellishments article in this issue using ICE Resin and Glossy Accents with Glitter and some lovely American Crafts papers. 

Right, that brings this week’s reading up to date!

Have a lovely Wednesday.



Time For Some Creative Cardmaking

My cleaning project is going very slowly, I think it is because I know that sooner or later I can not put off cleaning my workspace any more and I will have to just get on with it *sigh*.

In the meantime I’m in major procrastination mode, so how about a heads-up?!

It is for the latest issue of Creative Cardmaking, issue 55.

I’m in this month with some alcohol inks tips and tricks. I’ve not seen the issue yet so can’t give you any more info but would love to know what you think of the issue, love those bees on the front!

By the way did you know that Creative Cardmaking has a Facebook page, Twitter account and a website? Plenty to help with the procrastination! Kettle on!

Catch you later.


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