Time For Some Creative Cardmaking

My cleaning project is going very slowly, I think it is because I know that sooner or later I can not put off cleaning my workspace any more and I will have to just get on with it *sigh*.

In the meantime I’m in major procrastination mode, so how about a heads-up?!

It is for the latest issue of Creative Cardmaking, issue 55.

I’m in this month with some alcohol inks tips and tricks. I’ve not seen the issue yet so can’t give you any more info but would love to know what you think of the issue, love those bees on the front!

By the way did you know that Creative Cardmaking has a Facebook page, Twitter account and a website? Plenty to help with the procrastination! Kettle on!

Catch you later.


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3 thoughts on “Time For Some Creative Cardmaking”

  1. Hi Kim, the sooner you do the cleaning the sooner it will be over… must admit I don't like the job much either. Will keep an eye out for mag, I do need some tips on using alcohol inks. Hugs, Anne x

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