Life Book 2023 REPLAY Time!

Life Book 2023 Taster 7-Day REPLAY!

Did you miss the Life Book 2023 FREE taster the first time around? Or did you run out of time to do all the classes? Or maybe you just want to revisit some classes? Then I have some good news for you! The Life Book 2023 Taster is back!

You can get 7 days of FREE taster fun via the Willowing Arts website, CLICK HERE, put it in your basket and it will be £0.00 when you check out to get all of the yummy classes straight away and for 7 days from the day you sign up to play.

When: Sign up between 9th – 15th December 2022

Where: Willowing Arts website HERE

How: Add the Life Book 2023 taster to your shopping cart, checkout (you won’t be charged).

Then the taster will be in your account for 7 days! Yay!

You can get your FREE 7 day access to the Life Book 2023 Taster anytime between now and the 15th December 2022 and you still get 7 days to play with it even if you sign up on the last day. Although if I was you I would sign up now and play straight away because I am too impatient to wait and I would not want to forget and miss it! That is totally the sort of thing I do! 🤣

And if you LOVE the taster then do sign up to the full Life Book 2023 course HERE before January to make good use of the special code


to get 30% off!

When you do, you of course get all time access to the taster sessions so you don’t have to worry about squeezing them in or forgetting to do them in time and you can revisit them any time you want.

PLUS there is an amazing virtual giftbag that you get instant access to on joining the course. And I’ve got some yummy exclusive papers for you to download as part of my contribution to the gift bag this year!

I just loved putting these papers together for you, I hope that you have a lot of fun with them!

Do go grab you 7 days access to the Life Book 2023 replay and I hope that you enjoy playing!

Happy Arting!


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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