VIDEO: Make Some Easy Abstract Bookmarks!

Lots of colourful abstract bookmarks

Let’s make some abstract bookmarks! So this is a really easy but also fun and challenging creative exercise. Challenging because you are working on a really small piece and working with as many colours as you can muster to make these abstract bookmarks.

And of course the other benefit of these is that they are functional art too as you can use them in all the books you have on the go at the moment. Or give them to the rest of your household. Or if not how about saving them for when we are all able to go out again and give them to friends or pass them on as leave art to cheer up someones day?

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VIDEO: Make Some Easy Abstract Bookmarks!



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close up of Lots of colourful abstract bookmarks

Enjoy making your abstract bookmarks but if you need some more projects to get stuck into over the bank holiday weekend then I have this just for you!

Or if you are thinking of getting your gel plate out? Here are some to get you started.

Then if you are looking for some more creative exercises to get you creating then have you tried my abstract faces tutorial yet?

I hope you have fun creating over the bank holiday if you can.


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