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The world has been turned upside down and a lot of really messed up stuff is happening. But there is a lot of good stuff happening too so I wanted to share some of the arty-related good stuff in a creative resources link list and I hope that you are in a situation where it can help you. 

I hope to add to it as I spot new things. So bookmark this page and please do leave/send me links to creative resources you have found that you think might be good on this list, I will try to check them out.

So many creatives are trying to ease some of the hurt and are offering some amazing free or marked down classes, downloads, software to help us all be more creative, and here are some of my faves so far. 


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Updated 4th April 2020 (Creative’s shops and podcasts added)

Free Art Videos On YouTube

There are so many amazing artist doing amazing things on YouTube so I have put together a playlist of a few with their most recent videos. Go through the list and subscribe to any that you aren’t subscribed to already and are interested in of course! It is a mix of different art practices including painting and drawing amongst other things. I will add to it too because I know I have missed people off but I just wanted to get a quick list up and ready! 

Don’t forget all of the too and I know and love so many of them that I did them their own list! Again I am sure I have missed people, not intentionally, and I will keep adding to this playlist!

Oh and then there is my channel of for you too! And I cover all sorts of things from acrylics to watercolours and easy creative exercises/ projects to help you make good use of your creative time. 


Learn Some Art History

If you wanted to get into some art history then the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in the USA is running some free courses and I have signed up for a couple myself so come and join me! Although I am not sure when I will have the time to actually do them. But I am intrigued to learn more. It is a little white male heavy for my liking as it is institutionalised ideas of art that they are talking about and we all know how that isn’t known for its inclusivity. But I am sucking it up and seeing what I can learn.  

Free Art History Courses


Want To Try Digital Art?

I love digital art as well as traditional art and if it is something you want to get into, or you are just tired of paying so much to use Adobe products, then a HUGE shout out for Affinity. I swapped to their digital products a few years back, I use them everyday for everything from processing photos to designing, or making downloads and love them. They are currently at half price to help creatives through this strange new world. 

Affinity apps and software

close up of some painted and doodle flowers by Kim Dellow

Keep Colouring With Colouring Pages

I know so many people love colouring pages and find them such a good way to keep hands busy and minds relaxed so here are a couple I have spotted (one of them is from me) to download for free or to buy knowing that the money is going to help someone. 

colouring book to raise money for Age UK West. Cumbria


Make Art Your Business

The creative life is really a ‘make it up as you go along’ life, which I love but it is hard trying to turn what you do into revenue that you can live from. So if you are also creating your own path, or have been on this creative entrepreneur path for a while, then check out Make Art That Sells (MATS). Lilla and Beth are currently offering the course free for all creatives trying to turn their skills into a living. 


Buy From Other Creatives

Digital downloads are the perfect stay at home way to get some art inspiration and products and thank you everyone who has been suggesting shops. Here are a few that sell items to print at home.

[If it is an Etsy shop then it is an affiliate link (except for my shop, I’m not allowed to affiliate link my own shop). These affiliate links mean I get a little bit back from Etsy if you buy via my link and at no extra cost to you. It all helps me to keep making content for you so thank you! But it is not the reason that I link them it is just a happy bonus!]

ElenaZinskiArt On Etsy

JADESMiXEdMediaArt On Etsy

CeeCeeCreations (not much in but keep it bookmarked!)

JLBCreative On Etsy

PaperBabe On Etsy

Kim Dellow Studio (My shop on Etsy)


What Are You Listening too?

How about some creative Podcasts? Here are a couple of my faves about being creative. 


Then if you like story telling one of my amazing patrons put me on to LeVar Burton reading lots of stories which rocks big time!


That’s it for this creative resources list for the moment, as I said, I will try to add to it as I see more things come up.

In the mean time you might want to check out the art resources list on the [that is an affiliate link in case you also do a bit of shopping there]. Then there is a bigger and not just creative resources list on the that you might find interesting. They kindly listed me on their art list so I am just returning the favor.

Stay home, stay creating and stay well.


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Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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