VIDEO: How To Make A Patterned Paper Cactus Collage

A Patterned Paper Cactus Collage

So you all know how I am trying to use up my patterned paper right? And from what you have been telling me you are too! So how about this as a project idea? I’ve used one of my household cactus plants to make a cute little collage and paper pieced picture. I am sharing my full collage process in my video today plus some tips and tricks to help you with your collage.

All the patterned paper I have used is a bit out of date so I haven’t listed the exact papers that I used in my supplies list but the I have listed everything else, so you can find that under the video as usual!

And if you want some more ideas for how to use your patterned papers and found papers and different ways to attach them to your projects come and !


VIDEO: How To Make A Patterned Paper Cactus Collage




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Patterned papers

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spare paper



You can find a list of my favorite and most used art supplies here.


A Patterned Paper Cactus Collage

I have also put together a playlist of some of most popular for you.

Have fun with your collage.


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