VIDEO: Color Combination – How To Use It To Inspire Your Art

VIDEO: How To Use A Color Combination To Inspire Your Art


I’ve started to notice that some of the projects I’ve been sharing with you this year have been very lead by color combination. So today I thought I would lean fully into it and show you a study that I did recently that was completely lead by the colors. In fact the art is not at all important in this piece it was more about mixing the colors and trying them out, plus finding the right materials to get the look that was in my head out onto paper.

So if you have a color combination stuck in your head at the moment let me know what it is, because I am always curious! And hopefully this video will give you some ideas and tips on how to test that color combo out ready for your next project!

Don’t forget that the products are all listed under the video if you are interested in what I used and the color names!


VIDEO: How To Use A Color Combination To Inspire Your Art




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You can find a list of my favorite and most used art supplies here.


VIDEO: How To Use A Color Combination To Inspire Your Art


If you wanted a bit of an art motif refresher then watch my ‘What Are your Favourite Art Motifs’ video and I have tips in that video to help you realise what your art motifs are and how to get out of art motif ruts!

And if you are looking for more ideas then try my flower art inspiration videos and/or my Gouache paint ideas videos! Grab a coffee! It’s video time!


Have a super creative day and don’t forget to let me know if you would like that unboxing video!


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