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I’m revisiting a project today for my Friday post, well it isn’t so much a project revisit as a project extension. Back in September last year I shared an Art Slice videos showing me painting three flower buds in a pink circle design. Perhaps you saw it? I’ve embedded it below in case you didn’t.

Anyway, at the time that I made that film I had no intention of doing anything further with that design but after letting it sit for a while I wondered what the design would look like as a journal page and so this project was born.

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Mixed media art journal page on kraft paper by Kim Dellow

The original artwork was done on watercolour paper but for this art journal page I am working in a Seawhite square Kraft workbook. The background is a square collaged using old book pages and Golden Regular Gel in the centre of the page then, when it was dry I covered it with Golden Absorbent Grounds to give it some tooth for the paint to grab on to.

I used the same paint as I used in the original piece and that was the Caran d’ Ache Gouache set, which is a dry pan gouache set rather than a wet tube paint.  I added in some details to the painting such as the paint flicks and the scribble writing with a liner pen to add a bit more texture.

You can see all the details in these close up photos:

Close up of the scribble pen texture by Kim Dellow

Close up of the drip and surface texture of the Gouache paint flower buds by Kim Dellow

More Gouache Paint drip texture by Kim Dellow

 It is interesting to see this design as a more mixed media piece as when I made the original piece for the Art Slice video it was more a clean look that I was going for. But I think it can work with either as a clean illustrative style or in this more distressed painty style. What do you think?

If you did miss it first time around here is the original video that inspired this art journal page and if you visit my December Art Slice Round-Up blog post you can see a couple of behind the scenes photos featuring the original flower bud design.

VIDEO: Art Slice: Gouache Flower Buds

So looking back over your recent and past projects what art will you be re-working and reusing into your next projects?

Let me know or better still do it and then come back and leave me a link to it!


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