Totally Adorable Monsters Are Us

So I’m still catching up after my house move. It takes longer than you would think doesn’t it? Well, it is taking me longer then I was thinking. I might have been a little naive about this whole moving malarkey, I had forgotten what moving home was like. 

I was so concentrated on the move itself that the unpacking at the other end sort of slipped out of my mind. I had labelled all the boxes with the rooms they were meant to be in, colour coded and everything. I had even congratulated myself on making sure that the boxes I needed immediately for work at the other end were well marked and never left my sight.

But I never added any more labelling to the boxes. Oops! Unpacking each box is now like unwrapping a surprise present of our own stuff, with the added joy of not having any furniture to put the stuff in. Off to a recycled/reclaimed furniture shop at the weekend me thinks!

I’ve already recycled our makeshift wardrobes into a makeshift set of shelves in my studio and feeling very pleased with myself too. Yeah, it ain’t ever going to make the cover of Where Women Create so don’t got too excited!

So I am still here but I’m spending most of my time article making and writing with quite a lot of time spent trying to find the things I need for the articles. 

That is how I found these little Monsters. I made them during my Fiskars demos in May but never got around to blogging them. They are made with the Fiskars Tag die and the Fiskars fuse, I thought they were kind of cute, if a bit cheeky.

Right, now where did I pack that…

See you later!


Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Shirley Davis

    Enjoy your home, Kim, your work and let everything fall into place. I think moving with a family forces your hand to make a nest that the children will feel happy in. Moving as a couple means making a home more gradually so that you can both feel it is an ongoing project that changes as your relationship settles into a cosy place too.

  2. Squirrel x

    LOL, love your little monsters – I think these need to make regular guest appearances hun. Moving home is the worst nightmare ever, I get shivers just thinking about it, so I hope things progress smoothly for you now you are in. If it is any comfort, we still have two boxes in the spare room upstairs waiting to be unpacked. We moved in 1998!! Hugs xx

  3. Claire

    Oh these are cute little guys. I hate moving, I cleared the attic last year & there was stuff that we moved from our old attic into our new attic… we last moved 10 years ago lol.
    Claire xx

  4. misteejay

    Your tag monsters are adorable and I agree with Squirrel – it would be fun to see them appear on a regular basis.

    The very thought of moving sends me into palpitations – I've moved three times. Helped parents move twice. Helped Sister move twice and helped niece once. It is easier helping other folk – I certainly don't want to have to move again.

    Enjoy getting to know your new home and you will gradually find the right place for everything.

    Toni xx

  5. Anonymous

    Hello Kim
    you are sooo funny and these little guys are really cute… make more of them LOL

    I moved so far about 15 times in my life, always with some sort of kid (I have three of them) and a business (this was before my card and whatever else making business. I used to be an accountant) and I bet you don't even have half of the boxes I always had. But the more you move the better you will become…. you need to see my boxes now…. there is really literally every single piece written on, meaning the top of the boxes are a bit small LOL. Only the box you need is always the one in the bottom of that pile.

    I will hopefully move once again this year, latest early next year and I admit I am not looking forward to it. To put 200 files into boxes is rather quick and easy, but now with all that stuff we need (you know what I am talking about 🙂 only thinking about it drives me mad. But some things just need to be done and I definitely need a much bigger place as I am restricted now with what I can produce.

    So now your place can't look worse than mine, having boxes everywhere, even in the kitchen. And finding something is a little adventure. But the thing is, you always find stuff you didn't look for and didn't know you have. My Brother ScanNCute lives on the sofa, my ebosser – bloody heavy – is carried from the bedroom to the table when needed. And all these tens of thousands of boxes and bits…..

    Happy unpacking 🙂
    Hannah from Germany

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