7 thoughts on “Art Journal Sharing – Paint Textures Techniques”

  1. One of my favourite things to do is create backgrouds whether painty or digitally. It is a meditative process as my mind is in the moment, playing, creating, breathing…

    I used to struggle how to use them afterwards until i found out about masterboards & it was ok to add other colours afterwards to change the look.

    Glad to know you love your textures, fab post:-) xxx

    1. There is something really calming about making backgrounds isn't there? If you get into a swing you can just keep going until you run out of places to put them to dry LOL! I do love your Masterboards, such a fab idea.

  2. I feel a fraud, a voyeur of paint techniques without taking part! However I have some work on the craft table that might fit in, eventually. Lovely pages, Kim, again. You sound as though your art is therapeutic for you. Shirl xx

    1. Never a fraud Shirl, I love popping in on blogs that are doing things that I'm not doing at the moment, it is a great way to learn more. You never know when you might need it or use it!

  3. I love dry-brushing. I just love the way that a highlight colour just catching parts of a piece can give depth and a totally different look to a piece. I used to use this technique a lot when colouring ceramics but now I am using it more on my paper crafting, most recently on a mixed media canvas that I completed.

    Toni xx

    1. Dry brushing is a great technique isn't it Toni, so useful! I didn't realise you had a background in ceramics! It is a mazing where the arty/ crafty road takes us!

  4. Scrumptious paint-effects – I've used the vaseline with chalk paints but not otherwise, so definitely going to give that a go. And apart from crackle (which I'm obsessed with), I love to play with dry-brushing too. Those grungy layers look fabulous – so I suspect that'll be next on my play list!
    Alison x

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