Art Journal Sharing – Paint Textures Techniques

What is your favourite technique with acrylic paint?

I don’t know that I have one yet, I don’t think I’ve tried enough techniques to have a favourite. I need more techniques in my arty toolbox so I keep experimenting. Here are some of my painty texture experiments from this week. So who fancies a share? I would love to know what techniques you have been playing with.

This messy page uses three techniques, the first one is collage, so not really painty. I’ve covered the page with some left over butterfly die-cuts then layered over the top with paint. The two techniques I’ve used for the paint layers are dry brushing and using petroleum jelly (Vaseline) resist. There is probably around six layers on this one, including the collage.

It is a very grungy look isn’t it?

Then I made a page just using the petroleum jelly (Vaseline) resist and two layers.

You might also know the petroleum jelly resist technique as the peeled paint technique. I love the way that you can see the wording on the page just peeking though the red paint wash under-layer.

I first came across the petroleum jelly resist technique a few years back in Claudine Hellmuth’s book Collage Discovery Workshop*. But if you can’t get a hold of this book you can also find it in Nancy Reyner’s Acrylic Revolution* book which is stuffed full of great acrylic paint techniques, so well worth adding to your bookshelf.

I love making painty textures and I’m always on the lookout for new textures. I have a Pinterest board devoted to them for a bit of Pinspiration.

Follow Kim Dellow’s board Textures on Pinterest.

The colours of the layers and the look of the texture is a great help for paint combining and trying to mimic weathered looks. You can tell that I’m a bit of a texture freak can’t you? If you are too then do come and follow my board.

For some more of my acryilc paint experiments check out this post about acrylic skins

Let me know what painty techniques you have been playing with recently in the comments below or if you are a texture-head too I would love to hear about it – an obsession shared and all that! 


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Kim Dellow

Kim Dellow is an artist–designer–film-maker living the creative life in London, UK. She's a freelance creative for the craft industry and others, and she loves to share her art-ventures on her blog.

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  1. Shirley Davis

    I feel a fraud, a voyeur of paint techniques without taking part! However I have some work on the craft table that might fit in, eventually. Lovely pages, Kim, again. You sound as though your art is therapeutic for you. Shirl xx

    1. Kim Dellow

      Never a fraud Shirl, I love popping in on blogs that are doing things that I'm not doing at the moment, it is a great way to learn more. You never know when you might need it or use it!

  2. massofhair

    One of my favourite things to do is create backgrouds whether painty or digitally. It is a meditative process as my mind is in the moment, playing, creating, breathing…

    I used to struggle how to use them afterwards until i found out about masterboards & it was ok to add other colours afterwards to change the look.

    Glad to know you love your textures, fab post:-) xxx

    1. Kim Dellow

      There is something really calming about making backgrounds isn't there? If you get into a swing you can just keep going until you run out of places to put them to dry LOL! I do love your Masterboards, such a fab idea.

  3. misteejay

    I love dry-brushing. I just love the way that a highlight colour just catching parts of a piece can give depth and a totally different look to a piece. I used to use this technique a lot when colouring ceramics but now I am using it more on my paper crafting, most recently on a mixed media canvas that I completed.

    Toni xx

    1. Kim Dellow

      Dry brushing is a great technique isn't it Toni, so useful! I didn't realise you had a background in ceramics! It is a mazing where the arty/ crafty road takes us!

  4. butterfly

    Scrumptious paint-effects – I've used the vaseline with chalk paints but not otherwise, so definitely going to give that a go. And apart from crackle (which I'm obsessed with), I love to play with dry-brushing too. Those grungy layers look fabulous – so I suspect that'll be next on my play list!
    Alison x

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