Add A Bit Of Colour For Creative Expressions

Today I thought I would go for a bit of colour with my ATC project for Creative Expressions.

This week I’ve used one of my favourite techniques with the Henna stamps and the Archival Ink Pads.

It is a really simple technique but I love it! I’ve dabbed different Archival ink pads onto the stamp. You can of course make your own ink pads if you like by adding ink to a piece of felt or foam but if you are short of time the direct dabbing method works just fine. If you are worried about contaminating your pads just rub them on a piece of spare paper once you are finished.

The photos might look a little different on my blog this week? I’m trying out a new lens for my camera, I’ve finally taken the plunge and broken away from my kit lens. I’ve now got a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II for my baby and I love it! The new blog profile picture in the sidebar and on my Facebook page were also taken with it. So now I want… Oh dear… new expensive addiction alert! Better save me pennies!

Catch you all later


6 thoughts on “Add A Bit Of Colour For Creative Expressions”

  1. Ooo, this is so pretty, Kim. Such lovely colours, perfect!
    I really don't understand anything about cameras or lenses (I think my camera is much smarter than I am..) but the pictures look great.

  2. Love your new profile picture Kim and also love the gorgeous colours you've used on your smashing card. Now the camera talk is totally beyond me, mine is a point and click. Annette x

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