A Super Quick Christmas Card

How is the Christmas card making going? I have to admit I only make commission cards these days, the cards I send to folk for Christmas are usually bought. That is very bad isn’t it? But if you are getting a little tired of your Christmas card making I have a super-quick design you might be interested in and you don’t even have to worry about cutting straight or anything.

There is nothing like a bit of time economics to motivate a make!

If you want to see it in full then hop on over to the Clare Curd Crafts Blog.

Stark contrast to yesterday’s labour intensive make don’t you think?!

Catch you later.


4 thoughts on “A Super Quick Christmas Card”

  1. I really LOVE your super quick design, Kim,

    as I am no card maker at all (I simply am not able to do a card without leaving a fingerprint somewhere or cutting something out of angle *lol): – but this one looks as if I could manage AND it is really joyful too.

    Thank you for the lovely inspiration!

    Claudia x

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