Sunday Round-Up – Dear Diary

David and I haven’t had any time off for good behaviour in a while so yesterday we treated ourselves to a blowout day in our home town of fun, funky London for a bit of relaxation and to recharge the creative batteries.

We tried to fit in as much as we possibly could starting with some performance art at the Wellcome Collection in Euston. I am a HUGE performance and instillation art fan, love it and this piece from Sheila Ghelani called Covet Me, Care For Me was an audience participation piece.

(Photo Copyright Sheila Ghelani via the Wellcome Collection website)

With 50 ‘mongrel’ objects encased in sealed glass hearts, you pick a heart and then sign a receipt. You then dress in safety mask, apron and gloves and kneel before a cutting mat with your chosen heart and a hammer and break the glass to retrieve the item. Sheila then helps you to remove the safety clothes, which is all part of the performance, and hands you the object to take behind a screen where it is cleaned and wrapped with care by another performer at a desk with a draw and an old-fashioned standing lamp.

The idea is that you are encouraged to think about love, the passing of time, dissemination and cross-fertilization, and for me I felt like I was part of art and had participated in something very special and I was very grateful to be able to join in.

I’m going to look after my ‘mongrel’ item and wear it over my heart from time to time!

As we were in the Wellcome Collection we took some time to look around the exhibitions and, both being reformed scientists, it was nice to dip a toe into the history of science and I would recommend it for all, not just scientists! Their tag line is ‘a free destination for the incurably curious’ and I can definitely hold my hand up to being ‘incurably curious’!

The Euston/King’s Cross area is home to one of our favourite restaurants –  Red N Hot – a yummy Szechaun restaurant on 37 Chalton Street, NW1 1JD. It was Snazz Szechaun but has recently been bought by the Red N Hot group but the food is still gorgeous.

After filling up on dumplings and ‘Hot Numbing Beef’, we set off again, jumping on a bus towards Blackfriars and cutting through the inner sanctum of Temple to get to 2 Temple Place, which had an exhibition of work from a collaboration between William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, which I didn’t know was going on. We were curious about the house, so it was a total bonus to see such amazing work including embroidered panels that had taken 8 years to complete.

By now it was starting to get dark and we decided to walk up to Charing Cross Road to check out the second-hand book shops and stop for a cuppa. We cut through Somerset House where they have one of the Christmas Ice Skating rings set up and I took the opportunity to get snap-happy and take action photos of skaters, well until we get told that unless we have friends and family on the ice, we aren’t allowed to take photos – erm? Why?

And we popped past Covent Garden…

Ooo Sparkly – makes quite a Christmas card picture, doesn’t it?

Our last port of call was a small production in a theatre above a pub. So we hightailed it up to Camden High Street for the Etcetera Theatre above The Oxford Arms to see Stand-Up Comics by Michael Eckett and the Sigil Club production company. A very enjoyable comedy set in a comic book shop and with lots of comic book references whilst we look at the relationship and development of the main characters.

After a drink in The Oxford Arms we set off home… I think we managed to make up for a lot of missed relaxing in our one day!

And before I go, just thought I would say a BIG thank you to those folks who have seen my recent article in Simply Cards and Papercraft Issue 91 about the freestyle / free-motion sewing and have been dropping me such lovely messages about it!

You guys are the best! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Oh and I’ve been playing about with making my own photograph masks, as seen on my photos above, what do you think?

Right I’m off, hope you all are having lovely weekends. 


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10 thoughts on “Sunday Round-Up – Dear Diary”

  1. What a truly fabulous and well deserved day. Sounds so cultural, arty and urban I feel like a right old bumpkin up here with the pheasants and local scrumpy. That's a great piece you "attained" – looks like a nurses watch! Great pics – can't beat Convent Garden for the festive atmosphere…
    Congrats on the mag – I will have to suss it out!

  2. What a gorgeous post Kim and what a gorgeous day you had too! I feel all Christmassy and want to go to London immediately :D. Congrats on your article in the magazine too, I'm going to have to get that issue if I can as I've always loved your sewing projects. Enjoy your evening, hugs, Chris x

  3. Hi Kim,

    I'm Michael from 'Stand-Up Comics'. Thank you so much for making us part of your busy day. We're very glad that you enjoyed yourselves and it means a lot that you took the time to say so.

    (And I am totally going to try Red N Hot now)

    Best wishes


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