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Multicoloured Embossing Tips

Yep, I’ve another Christmas card today and these are some cards I made for a commission using the lovely Scrolls Work Poinsettia Stamp that I showed you on Sunday in Kraft and Bronze

Well for today I’ve gone real old School Christmas with traditional Christmas colours and some heat embossing but to mix it up just a little bit I’ve used a multiple colour embossing technique that I thought I would share with you.

For this technique you will need:

Embossing powders, I’ve used bronze, gold and green.

Stamp – Scrolls Work Poinsettia Block


Coloured Card

A spare piece of paper for each embossing powder colour (folded on half and open up again)


Stamp out the image in Versamark onto the coloured card and place on the first spare piece of paper. Pick the first embossing powder colour (I used the bronze) and pour onto small areas of the image. I started by pouring little piles of powder over the corners of the image and very little splashes in the centre of the image.

As quick as you can turn the coloured card over to pour the excess powder onto your spare piece of paper and give the card a few good taps to get all the excess off. As you can see not all the areas have been covered by the powder which is just the effect you want at this stage. You can pour your excess powder back into the jar for later use, the fold in the paper should help!


Repeat STEP ONE for the other powder colours, using one colour at a time with a new piece of paper with a pouring fold in it. I used my gold colour second and finally my green, but play around to get the look you want. Each time you use a new powder try to cover the areas you missed with the previous powder.

Remember to use the spare paper for each powder you pour and don’t mix them up if you want to pour the excess back into the jar.

By the end you will have the whole image covered waiting for the magic to happen!


Heat emboss and watch your embossing colours shine through!

Enjoy and I would love to see your embossing makes so drop me a comment so that I can have a nose!


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