Whiff Of Joy Winter Stamp Kit

Me again – it is becoming a habit posting more than once in a day!

I just wanted to let you guys know that the Whiff Of Joy Winter Stamp Kit has gone on pre-order today and closes on the 23rd October.

Look at the sneak peek, now doesn’t that just make you think of open log fires, mince pies in the oven, your favourite Christmas movie on the telly whilst decorating the Christmas tree?

I can’t choose which is my all time fav Christmas movie – it would have to be either the 1947 version of Miracle on 42nd Street, or the 1947 version of The Bishop’s Wife, or the 1946 version of It’s A Wonderful Life. These would be the films my Mum and I would watch whilst decorating the Christmas tree in our house 🙂

What are your favourite Christmas movies?

3 thoughts on “Whiff Of Joy Winter Stamp Kit”

  1. just a quick comment to say how awesome the canvas quick stitch article in PCE magazine is!! I have been known to love stitching but will I have the patience to give this a try – it looks brilliant and ever so effective….well done xx

  2. My favourite Christmas movie would be "Santa Claus The Movie" from 1985 (with Dudley Moore) because it reminds me of every Christmas with my brothers and sister. We had it taped off the telly (naughty!), but we were missing the first 10 minutes, so I'm still confused when I see that bit now.


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