A Rambling We Will Go

Making good use of a borrowed car, we ventured out beyond the M25 (a motorway encapsulating London, for my non-UK readers) and found countryside for a very mini-ramble on Box Hill yesterday.

You can see the views were quite impressive, perhaps not on the scale of places like Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Scotland, Wales, etc., but hey these are mountains for us Londoners.

It seemed that most of London had also had the same idea to escape the city on a Sunday; luckily, they did not feel much like walking so we had the places beyond the picnic areas pretty much to ourselves.

Happy Rambling

14 thoughts on “A Rambling We Will Go”

  1. Great Pic Kim, looks like you had a good time. I love the countryside, and living in Edinburgh, which is a very, very, mini London, we are lucky to have so many beautiful places to walk…Hugs Avril xx

  2. I can see you must have a wonderful afternoon, I love the last photo with the tower and the bushes growing out of the top. I know of people flying kites on Box Hill as its the right place for that. with love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

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