Photoshop Elements Play Day

I tried making some cards today but it just was not flowing so I decided to finally sit down and teach myself how to use Photoshop Elements for designing and not just for playing with photos. I’ve been meaning to play for months but there is always something else higher on the list, isn’t there?

So a new blog heading and signature for at least the next hour or so 🙂 I change my mind so frequently. Don’t worry, I will wake up tomorrow and not like it – Tee Hee!

Usually I just get really frustrated that I can’t do what I want (my fault – not the software’s fault) but for some reason it was just my day for Photoshop 🙂

Before I go, I will do a shameless shoutout for this month’s Papercrafts Essentials (PE45), which not only has the latest instalment of my hand-stitching 10-minute masterclass (tee hee!) but it has an interview from the lovely Barbara of Paper Dreams Blog! Way to go, girl 🙂

Have a change your mind-frequently type of day!

6 thoughts on “Photoshop Elements Play Day”

  1. Loving those colours. 🙂

    I know exactly what you mean – I have something I really want/need to get done, and yet it keeps getting bumped for other stuff that crops up. Bah!

  2. Love the new header! Wanna come over and teach me how to use my Photoshop Elements! I bought a book on it and never even opened it yet! lol! I'm just learning how to use it with my pics! ha ha! BTW Kim's are allowed to change their minds frequently! 🙂
    Hugs~ Kim

  3. Hi Kim. Love your new design. Photoshop Elements can become addictive when you get going can't it.
    Thanks so much for your help with scheduling posts, I really appreciate it. I haven't got time to do them for this hol, but will definitely get them done for the next one.
    Hope you keep having a change of mind day, I love to see what you come up with!!
    Have a great weekend.


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