VIDEO: Mark Making Doodle + Teaching News!

Yay! The Free Life Book 2020 Creativity and Wellbeing Summit has started! You can find out more about it in my video today whilst watching me doing one of my Daily Doodle Diary doodles and maybe being a little silly too *wink! Oh and I have a new pen to show you, that I am just trying out. It is a brush fountain…


VIDEO: Fabric Art And Craft Challenge

It is art challenge time and I have teamed up with Gerry van der Velden from Gerry's Craft Room to bring you some inspiration for using fabric in your art and craft projects. So in this collaboration we both went off and made some projects and the only rule was that they had to include fabric. And it was kind of lucky because…


VIDEO: Abstract Painting With Acrylics- Speedpaint

Today's abstract painting speedpaint video starts with some painted pattern making and you think everything is going to be calm, and pretty... then it takes a bit of a nasty turn! But I don't want to spoil the abstract painting process for you! I just thought I would tease you before you watch the video. Hope that you enjoy it, go grab…


VIDEO: Mixing Acrylic, Acryl Gouache and Gouache Paint Layers

I am flexing my mixed media muscles today with a double page spread in my junk journal that is all about experimenting with gouache and acrylic paint. You have seen me use gouache before, I go through my gouache phases! And you have seen me use it with acrylic paint in the same piece. But usually it will be as just a…


VIDEO: How Many Times Can This Art Change Directions?

Have you had pieces change direction on you this week? So you are working on an art project, it starts off as one thing but ends up something else entirely! Much like my piece for you today, it started as an abstract, went through a doodle phase then finished as a stylised flower. A rainbow stylised flower. So I hope you enjoy…

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